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5 Jobs That Are Never Going Away


How secure is your job? Is it a position that comes and and goes based on timing? How about location? Can it get outsourced to other countries, or perhaps given over to robots or automated processes? If you find that you’re stressed about these possibilities, then it’s probably in your best interest to look at jobs that are never going to go away.

They might not be the best paying jobs, or the most skilled ones. But being a ‘people person’ inside of these positions is a must, and there are aspects of training and experience that enter the equation. Consider the careers of the barber, the housecleaner, the cook, the assistant, and the educator. These are prime examples of jobs that will be around until the end of time.

Being a Barber

Unless history takes us to the direction of the ultimate apocalypse, you’re safe learning how to be a barber, because everyone needs to get their hair cut and styled. Men, women, children, even people who are mostly bald that need someone to do a professional trim on a mustache or a beard – everyone needs a barber, and everyone wants an excellent barber for their specific needs. School is generally short but intense, but afterwards you are qualified to work anywhere in the world.

High Quality Cleaning Jobs

There are people who look down at careers involving cleaning. But, people that are janitors or other professional cleaners have amazing job security, because people always want things clean, and they often don’t want to do it themselves, and will pay a pretty penny to get it done. Jobs as varied as housekeepers, crime-scene cleanup teams, and professional landscapers will all fit into this category.


Unless you want to to starve to death, you have to eat. And unless you want to make all of the food you consume by yourself, you’re going to need to rely on a cook. This could mean everything between a fast-food worker, to a short-order chef, to a personal nutritionist. But once you learn the basics of cooking and are willing to put yourself out there professionally, someone is always going to need your services.

Secretarial Assistants

Another job that’s never going to go away rests within the idea of a secretarial assistant. This is the person who answers phone calls. Takes notes. Organizes meetings. Keeps schedules up to date. In every single industry, every major managing position needs a spectacularly efficient secretarial assistant. And that person can be you.


And within the construct of a continuing education, there will always be teachers. Sometimes there will be competition to get spots at certain kinds of schools in certain places. And there will be fights about budgets and pay scales. But if you’re trained as an educator, there will always be jobs open and available for you.