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3 Ways to Know If You’re Working For a Good Company


Whether you’ve been at your current company for years or you’re looking for a new place of employment, everyone wants to feel like they’re working for a good and healthy company. However, because businesses vary so much from industry to industry, what you may think of as a good and healthy company may not be what someone else thinks of as a good and healthy company. Having a strong brand may be important to some but less important than how the company gives back to the community. So to help you decipher whether you’re working for a good company regardless of the individual business, whether it’s a Lincoln dealership near you or a farm across the country, here are three ways to know if you’re working for a good company.

Transparency About the Business

One of the biggest reasons employees feel that they aren’t working for a good company has to do with the amount of transparency the company has. If only the top tier of managers or directors have any idea about the big picture plans for the business, it can be hard for the ground-level employees to feel invested in their work. So, according to Jacob Morgan, a contributor to Forbes.com, if the company you work for has an open door policy regarding business areas like finances, goals, sales, market conditions, business practices and more, your company is doing great with regards to its transparency.

You Fit With the Company Culture

FItting into a company culture is something that’s going to happen on a very individualized basis. But despite this, agreeing with the company culture and feeling comfortable at work is going to be a big contributing factor to feeling like you’re working for a good company. If you can’t relate to the business or the other employees, it may be hard to connect with the company.

To uncover if you’ll fit with the company culture, Alan Henry, a contributor to LifeHacker.com, recommends asking very specific questions about company culture during the interview process. If at all possible, try to speak to as many people as possible who are already in the company to get as well-rounded of a picture as you can. This will help you see if the company will be a good fit for you and be a good company for you to work for.

Shared Core Values

If you can’t stand behind what your company represents, you may not have found a good company for you to be employed by. Dov Seidman, a contributor to Fortune.com, shares that some ways to know if you share core values with your company is if the company inspires its employees, leaders mentor and buoy up team members, you feel you can trust the managers or directors, and there is dedication and loyalty from all sides of the company. Without having these common values shared on both sides of the coin, you may find it hard to call your company an inherently good company.

Feeling proud of the company with which you work will help you to have a greater quality of life and a greater sense of accomplishment. Use the tips mentioned above to help determine for yourself if you’re working for a good company or not.