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10 Great Reasons to Study Midwifery

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Midwifery is a career path which appeals to many. Mothers especially are often drawn to a career as a midwife. If you are considering following this path, here are some great reasons to help you make your decision.


Hours as a midwife can be long and tiring. But, depending on where you work, they can also be flexible. Community midwives may need to be on call some evenings and weekends, but with large teams, there is often room to be flexible for those with families.


A nurse midwife salary can be impressive. Some can expect to earn up to $100,000. Salaries vary, but can rise quite quickly, especially for those who go on to work in private practice, or who further their education and progress to leadership positions.


The larger salaries are reflected in the levels of responsibility. Midwives manage every part of bringing a new life in to the world, dealing with any issues or complications, and often making life saving decisions.

Working with Families

Midwives don’t just look after babies, or even just mothers. They also get to know partners, and help them deal with any worries or fears they have about becoming parents, while advising them on the best ways they can prepare.

Welcoming New Life

A midwife is often the person that gets to bring a new baby into the world. They are there at the very beginning of life. What could be more exciting than this?

Continued Care

Being a midwife isn’t just about delivering babies. It’s about supporting the mother throughout her pregnancy, both at home and in practice. Then once the baby is born, for the first few days, the midwife is still the first port of call for any problems or advice. It’s not like just preforming an operation, and then never seeing the patient again. A midwife is very much a part of the experience. Many women don’t ever forget their midwife.

Dealing with Stress

One of the most challenging parts of being a midwife is coping under stress. It can be an exceptionally busy job, running backwards and forwards between families. You often have to make decisions quickly and deal with complications. Great midwives thrive under this kind of pressure.

Availability of Jobs

The world will always need midwives.  As the population continues to grow, and more babies are born, more midwives are needed. As a certified nurse midwife, you are never likely to struggle finding work.

Career Progression

A midwife isn’t just a midwife. There are senior positions, which can lead to management jobs. There are also many new things to learn. It’s a job that never stands still.

Varied Location

As a midwife, you could work anywhere around the world. You would never be tied to the same job, in the same hospital, or even country. You would easily find work where ever you ended up. But also, within that same job, you could work in the community, visiting homes, in healthcare practices, or in hospitals. You aren’t stuck in one location every day.

If you are interested in how to become a certified nurse midwife, look to The University of Cincinnati for course details, but also for more information on job roles and responsibilities.