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Unusual Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing


When you’re wanting to come up with new or interesting ways to update curriculums for education or just make sensible suggestions, it helps if you have ideas sparking off left and right. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, your mind just feels dull and lifeless. Ideas don’t come thick and fast and your creative juices just aren’t flowing. What can you do about it?

Here are several less traditional ways to get out of your own head so when you return, you’ll naturally have more inspiration.

Accept the Mystery!

If you thought that a mystery was just something that you watched on a TV show, you’d be very much mistaken. The reason that shows like Survivorare so much fun is that people get taken completely out of their comfort zone. They have to learn how to survive in the wild and feed themselves. Along the way, they run challenges and compete against other players. It’s invigorating because it’s so different from the normal everyday life.

The Indianapolis escape room is designed to offer exciting mysteries that you can be a part of by booking a place and joining in the fun. Each is intended to take you out of your everyday life in the same way.

There are different events you can join in.One is Breakout, where people explore different rooms in a complex to discover clues, figure out the meaning of codes, and interact with people they find along the way. It’s a timed adventure, so you have to move fast, solve puzzles, and get to the answers quickly. Another is Runaway Train, where you must work with other people to deal with bad guys intent on destroying the train, get to the conductor’s cabin, and stop the train before it’s too late!

Travel to a Destination Rich in Culture

Whether you’re interested in a career in hospitality, architectural design or teaching languages, traveling to a far-off destination that is rich with different architecture, captivating culture and a challenging language to try to pick up a few wordsis invigorating.

We’re not talking about going to Cancun here, speaking American English and paying in US dollars. Think farther afield than that. Be a fish out of water. Embrace the new and different. Open your eyes to the possibilities. Then try to apply what you’ve learned to relevant curriculums when you’re home again.

Silent Retreat

A silent retreat is difficult for most people to attend – and for good reason. We’re used to talking and sharing our opinions regularly and often. Going to a resort where you cannot speak and have to depend on more basic communication methods (no smartphones allowed) is cleansing. It has a wonderful way of clearing the mind of clutter to provide great clarity of thought once you return.

Whatever you decide to do, sometimes stepping away to do something completely different is the best way to come back firing on all cylinders. If you’re relying on coming up with a smart idea for improvements to a curriculum, a rested mind is extremely useful.