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Top Tips to Help You Find the Best Reputation Management Agency


The success of your company depends on whether or not you can build a good reputation. Hence, it is equally vital that you find the best reputation management agency to entrust with this vital work. It is essential that you take some time to review the different services that they offer so that you can choose the one that is right for you.

Why Reputation Matters

The 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer looks at how much trust people have around the world. They found that 80% of consumers  have made purchases based on trust. Additionally, 68% of consumers leave recommendations for businesses that they feel can be trusted. What this means is that, if your consumers trust you, they will bring more business to you and add to your bottom line. In fact, some research suggests that 50% of your company’s value is down to its reputation.

The flip side of this is that for every $7 of your business is value, a poor reputation could cost you $1. This shows just how important it is that you take action to protect your reputation and particularly online. If someone posts negative comments about your business on the internet, and they do so correctly, it could be easier to find those negative comments than what it to find your own business. This means that people who look you up will first see all the negative things about you.

A reputation management agency is one that will work to suppress and even remove any of these negative comments. They take a strategic approach to ensure you once again regain control of that first page of the search engines when someone looks up your name. Typically, this means they will get to work on making sure all your online assets are maintained properly, which includes your social media accounts, and on creating positive press for your name. Because the results of their work or so important, it is vital that you choose the best agency out there.

5 Things to Look for in the Best Reputation Management Agency

  1.  The experience that they have. They should have worked with other companies who now all have a positive reputation.
  2.  That they are actually humans and not some sort of software package or robot that doesn’t really achieve anything.
  3.  That they can explain to you how they intend to get to work, why they take this approach, and what kind of results they expect.
  4.  That they have authority in this field. This means that others actually see them as experts as well and that they have, themselves, received a lot of positive press and attention.

That they do not try to lure you with false promises. Any reputation management agency that says they can guarantee your reputation will be resolved, or that you are guaranteed to see a specific positive impact in a specific period of time is making promises they cannot keep. There are no guarantees in the online world.