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Tips For Writing A Great Blog Post


Learning how to write a coherent and engaging blog post is a very valuable skill in today’s technology era.  The world is largely driven by the flow of information posted on the internet, and your blog must stand out among the chatter.

If you are any sort of business professional, then you should know that your blog is one of your most influential marketing tools.  It pays to learn how to blog with intention.  Take a second to read through these few tips for writing a great blog post, and see what you might be missing.

Understand your target audience

Before you begin writing a post, take a mental note of just who you are directing your message towards.  Depending on your purpose for the blog, you will have a certain population of people you hope to draw into your message.

Narrow down this population before you begin writing, and incorporate the needs of the readers in your content.  This blog post is a great example of an entry written to reach a specific audience of readers.  In other words, write to please the people you wish to reach.

Grab ‘em by the eyes with your words

See what we did there?  You want to write headlines that make people want to read what follows.  The title of your blog post is the bling.  Make it flashy and interesting.  Aim to pique the interest of web users in six words or less.

Your titles should also be formulated for searching.  Incorporate natural search keywords to make your titles easier to find online.  If people never see your headlines, your blog post will not draw in readers.

Optimize your content for Google searching

In the meat of your article, you will want to incorporate the components of search engine optimization.  The more saturated your content is with proper SEO tactics, the higher your post will rank on the Google search results.

If you do not have a thorough understanding of search engine optimization, it is worth the time and effort to research the art.  In layman’s terms, SEO is simply knowing how to draw the attention of the Google’s search bots.

Ask for readers to take action

Each blog post should come equipped with an enticing call to action.  You want to get people involved in the subject matter of the article.  Adding a poll or a multiple choice question gets people clicking and involved.

If you can get people involved enough to make a move concerning your topic matter, then you can lead them towards your purpose (whether it is business or passion).  Writing a blog post should have a very specific intent, and be aimed towards a specific pool of readers.