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Cloud Software That Streamlines Your Business

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The more complex or unfamiliar the tasks you’re working on are, the more time you lose switching between them, according to the American Psychological Association. While multi-tasking is the norm in business, you may be dragging down your productivity by trying to do it all. Instead, moving your business operations to the cloud streamlines your day and frees up more time to focus on your bottom line. With that being said, here are some of the best business apps and cloud software options to get you started.


Cash flow is a common killer of businesses. To prevent this problem, streamline your invoicing, number crunching and financial spreadsheets by moving to a cloud accounting software like Sage One. Email your invoices directly from Sage One and give your accountant access to pull all the info they need come tax time. The financial reports give you a broader view of your business to figure out where you can save and ways to increase your income.


Are you trying to manage your advertising campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google AdWords? Get a global look at how all of your campaigns are running with AdStage. Automate repetitive tasks and get reports and metrics for every channel so you can tweak your campaigns from your central dashboard. With a global look, you’ll have a better idea of which ones to ditch and which ones to put more money into.

Package Tracking

Never track another package or price drop again with Slice. The app picks out tracking numbers from your email and keeps track of your orders of inventory, samples and supplies online. In addition, if the price drops after you buy a product, Slice lets you know and helps you get a refund. When it’s time to start expensing receipts, log in and locate what you need without digging through a sea of junk in your work inbox.

Project Management

Combine your project management and collaboration needs in one place. Wrike gives you the capability to launch a discussion about a project, share documents and make changes in real time. It also has tools to chart out task management, integrate your email and see interactive timelines. There’s also a version control, so you can re-visit previous documents and files.


If you’re always on the go for work, use TripIt to take care of all the logistics. Once you book your airline tickets, hotel reservations and other necessities, send all of your confirmation emails to TripIt. It automatically transforms your information into one central itinerary so you can access your plans from anywhere.

TripIt’s freemium version helps you stay organized and sync plans with your calendar. The pro version locates alternate flights, finds out when a better deal is available, tracks reward programs and shares your plans with your team.

Desktop Control

There’s no longer a need to transfer over large files and copy presentations from your desktop to other devices for your business presentations. SplashTop gives remote access to easily transfer files between devices as needed. You also can print files from a remote computer to a local printer. Use the Mirroring360 option during presentations to mirror content, ideas and apps to the meeting room.

Contact Management

Nimble is a great tool if you need help with social sales and have marketing CRM needs. It manages your relationships without data entry and imports your contacts from Facebook, Google and Skype to keep them organized. Nimble also automatically updates itself with relevant prospects and customer information. You can see where they work, went to school and how you’re connected together.

These cloud-based tools are just a few of the many available options. All of them enable you to streamline your business processes, so you can focus on the tasks that really matter.