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What You Should Know about the Various Kinds of Boilers for Your Business


As a business owner, you have to make a number of important decisions for your business, and this includes deciding what boiler to use. The boiler has to be as efficient as possible, and it needs to adhere to whatever requirements you may have. One tip: if your boiler will be fitted to a current system, make sure that your radiators and pipework are clean; unclean or improperly-functioning radiators and pipework may end up damaging the new system. But before this, you need to know what kinds of boilers are available. Here’s what you should know about the various kinds of boilers, and which is best for your business.

  • The combi boiler

The combi boiler, also referred to as the combination boiler, is used for heating as well as hot water. A combination boiler will heat the water as soon as your taps are on, so it doesn’t require an additional storage tank or cylinder for hot water.

Combination boilers are known for being energy-efficient and cost-effective, particularly since the water is instantly heated up instead of being stored in the cylinder whilst hot. Another benefit to combi boilers is that the pressure of the water is more powerful since there is no need for an additional pump.

Other characteristics of combi boilers include a compact size, which makes them ideal for smaller establishments, and since there is no requirement for a cylinder or tank for hot water, as confirmed by experts in commercial boiler installation in London such as Gasway Commercial. Also, with a combi boiler, you don’t need to use as much pipework, so installation can be less expensive.

  • The system boiler

The system boiler is different from the combi boiler in that it requires a tank or cylinder for hot water – but the main hot water and heating components are already included in the boiler. With system boilers, you don’t need an additional tank to be stored in a loft, so you can also save space. This boiler is known for being compatible with heating systems using solar energy and is often used for business establishments with more than a single bathroom. System boilers can provide you with a continuous hot water supply to different taps turned on at the same time.

  • The regular or conventional boiler

A regular or conventional (also known as traditional) boiler is suitable for premises which already make use of a traditional hot water and heating system connected to a cylinder for hot water. With a regular boiler, you would also need another cylinder for cold water, from which the water will be sourced and turned into heated water. Regular boilers may be more suitable for premises which have older radiators since the system may not be able to handle the pressure delivered by either combi or system boilers.


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