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Tips to Renovate your Home During The Pandemic

Millions of people are working and learning from home in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We are all spending more time than usual at home, and you may have spotted things around your house you would like to change. Since we are spending more time at home, we might as well make our homes the haven we always wanted. You may think that the pandemic would severely limit what renovations you can do, but you can still safely renovate your home even during the pandemic. Use these suggestions to get your renovation plans started, so you can craft a sanctuary you will enjoy spending time in even after the pandemic passes.

Know Why Before You Start

Renovations are a major undertaking. If you are removing or building walls, changing flooring, or even just painting an area, you should expect your home to be upturned for a while. Renovation is messy and expensive, so make sure you know why you want to renovate before you start the process. Renovating out of boredom could be a waste of time and money, but renovating to make a better home office is a reasonable necessity for working remotely. Whatever your reasons for renovating, make sure you are solid with them, so you don’t regret the expenses later.

Plan And Budget Ahead Of Time

Renovations are a serious undertaking, so you must plan and budget before any physical changes start. Flying by the seat of your pants is an excellent way to spend more than you wanted to or end up with a result you are not entirely happy with. Take the time to plan out what you want to do and how much you want to spend before buying or changing anything. Planning also includes research.

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If you are switching water heaters, research the difference between gas and propane water heaters. If you want to change your flooring, research prices and timelines for different materials before buying anything. If you are doing the renovation yourself, consider how long you are willing to work on the project. If you are hiring someone to help you renovate, talk with them to establish a timeline, estimate labor costs, and clarify safety measures for both you and the workers. There is no such thing as over planning a renovation; leave no detail to chance and ensure your plan is solid before the work begins.

Once you have your budget, stick to it. Find projects and materials within your budget, so you don’t overspend. If you have your heart set on a project outside of your budget, commit to a savings plan so you can afford your dream renovation in the future.

Don’t Take On Too Much

It can be easy to set your sights too high and bite off more than you can or want to handle. However tempting it might be to renovate your whole house or large sections of it, make sure you can handle the project. If you are hiring help, make sure the project’s scope is clear so you can get an accurate quote. Also note that larger projects take longer to finish, so your house will be “under construction” for longer. If you are looking for a quick project, aim for something smaller that won’t leave your home in progress for weeks.

Be Honest With Yourself

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If you can tackle a renovation project yourself, you should, but you have to be honest with yourself and your skillset. Do not make the rookie mistake of taking on a solo project when your skills cannot handle it. There is nothing wrong with asking for more skilled help to ensure your project is done correctly. The more complicated a project, the more chances it could go wrong. If you are not confident in your abilities, call for help before deciding to retile your bathroom. Doing big projects wrong could damage your house and cost far more money than simply calling a professional the first time. If your desired renovations involve building code or permits, call a professional.

There is a slew of renovation or DIY projects you can do with a basic skill set. Paint an accent wall, reseal your windows, update your kitchen cabinets, or clean out your storage area. Every project makes your home a little better, so tackle small projects yourself and leave projects you can’t handle to trained professionals for the best results.

Many people are spending more time than usual at home and are looking to do a home renovation with all that free time. Renovations can freshen up your house, but they are also a significant undertaking. Take the time to know why and what you want to upgrade along with how much you are willing to spend. You can do small DIY projects yourself, but once your skills are not enough, it is time to call a professional, so the project comes out correctly the first time.