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Tips to make your brand-new home feel nice and cozy

green homeSo, you’ve just been awarded the key to your new home. Whether it’s a city apartment, a suburb, or your dream Sydney house and land property, the first thing you’ll want to do is make your home inviting, less drab, comfortable, and homey. Having a home that’s nice and cozy also beckons visitors and tend to linger in the minds of guests.

Here are some tips that will help you create a home that naturally welcomes everyone who walks through the front door.

Make your front door and entryway set inviting. Never underestimate the inviting power of a good curb appeal. The weather can sometimes be harsh outside, but a quick front greeting from an awesome entryway can do wonders to your new home.  Try adding a big green leafy plant to the side of the door, a vibrant and soft mat, warm lighting, and even a small painting that will have all guests bright-eyed with delight as soon as they (or you) enter the door.

Make use of colour and designs to pull eyes through space. Consider the first view of your space and give attention to designing the farthest point of that view. For example, painting the far wall across from your front door in a vibrant color, adding lighting or fun art, or anything else that’ll capture attention while showing off your personality.

Go overboard with plants and soft textiles. Adding lots of plants can bring life into a space and make it feel like the kind of welcoming place you’ll want to be during lazy afternoons and quiet evenings when you drink a glass of wine. Soft textiles are extremely effective in making house pleasantly inviting. Try adding plush rugs and layer them. Go for deep furniture, soft ottomans, floor pillows, and benches. You can also frame textiles for wall art.

Soften harsh and straight lines. Adding a lot of these type of lines, whether by design, decoration or furniture can make your home unpleasant and work against an inviting space. Adding round rugs can help, as can all other rounded objects like pillows, or tossing soft throw blanket over a corner to break straight lines.

Add unique design details around the house. It’s about creating space that feels like you and completes with details, even tiny ones that can make space feel fuller, sophisticated and like it’s giving off stylish vibes.

Make the air smelling nice. Or just don’t have any unpleasant smell. If you’re not sure what your home smells like, try taking a mini-vacation from it for a day or so and see what the first smell is when it hits your nose as you walk in the door. Get rid of any odour, if any. There are tonness of options from diffusers, air fresheners, and even plants for a naturally good smelling home.

End Note

That’s it! As you can see, it doesn’t take much to transform a house into a home. Just follow the steps above, coupled with your own personal taste and you’re good to go. If you’re still on the lookout for your future dream home, you should also begin looking for some Sydney house and land or communities that will serve as a vital point in the design itself.

Remember, the key is designing based on your personal style and needs. This is the best way to transform a newly bought, gloomy and empty home into a nice and cosy haven for you or your family.