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Tips To Consider When Decorating Home Music Rooms


A music room can make the entire home come alive since it is enjoyable for most people. You do not need to be a musician to have it in your house. When you create a personal space intended for musical instruments playing you end up working on a project that is groovy and that you are going to love.

Design wise, most of the choices you make will depend on instruments you cater for. It is not difficult to find the instruments you need. For instance, you can buy great Collings guitars from The Denver Folklore Center in Denver. The difficult part is adapting everything into a great design. Fortunately, these days you can create anything from a room that will fill up with classical piano sounds to soundproofed rooms that are perfect for teenagers to practice their rock jams.

Strong Color Schemes

Really strong color schemes are going to always offer a very strong room identity so it is an idea to consider. When you want to use brighter colors, use them repeatedly, on the floor, walls and even add some on the ceiling. Choose matching furnishings and fittings. As musicians play something in the space, they dent to pick up on the created atmosphere. When you want to go for tranquility, do the same thing but use grays and off-whites. The goal is to break up the monotony and use instruments to achieve this. Wall mounted instruments are very popular as they can appear like usable art work galleries.

Create A Studio

As home recording software is more affordable than ever, m any amateur musicians record at home, without having to deal with professional studios. When your goal is to create home studios and music rooms, be sure that the zones are separate. You need one for control room that will house playback and recording equipment. The other room is basically the live music room. Space does not have to be really large. Just be sure that you use heavy drake or sound baffler. Carpets can deaden sounds in live recording rooms but everything should complement the existing color scheme.

Reflective Surfaces

Some people do not want music rooms with dead acoustics. If this is your situation, use hard surfaces on walls and floors. This allows having some sound reflected. Ceramics and hard wood can be easily used as they make sound reverberate. Alternatively, consider laminate floors.

Creating Multi-Purpose Music Rooms

When not much space is available, use your guest bedroom as the music room. Sofa beds and foldaway beds can easily be tucked away. This allows you to use the room as both a guest bedroom and a music room. Whenever you have guests, beds will be available. When you do not, the main purpose of the room as a music environment can be in place.

Build A Performance Stage

A home music room can double as a performance area. This is actually quite trendy at the moment. When you really like performing, consider building a stage and then add lighting rigs. Everything will look great and you can also help bands rehearse.