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Three Easy and Efficient Ways that SMEs Can Save Energy


For SMEs and start-ups, it’s imperative to keep costs as low as possible. The higher your outlay, the lower your profit margin will be, and when there is so little room to play around with your capital, it pays to be proactive in scaling things back as far as possible.

Your energy usage is a good place to start. A significant expenditure for any small business, it can be very easily reduced through the simple implementation of a few simple and straightforward measures.

If you want to know what you could be doing, here are three ideas to help you…

#1: Manually Control Your Heating and Cooling

There are few things less pleasant than shivering as you type, or sweltering in your office in the blazing heat of a midsummer’s day, so keeping the temperature at an optimum level is important. But having the temperature in your workplace pre-programmed is not always the best way to achieve this. To keep your energy usage low and conditions perfect, we recommend overriding system controls and manually adjusting the settings yourself. Whether it’s a towel rail from The Electrical Guys or central heating for the whole building, take charge to save energy and cut your carbon emissions.

#2: Replace Your Lights

Lighting accounts for around 40 per cent of all energy consumed in buildings, so it’s a key area for cutting costs. If you haven’t replaced your light bulbs for a while, now is the time to do it, and switching to up-to-date options could make a huge difference to your monthly bills. LEDs are especially efficient, and swapping your old-fashioned halogen downlights for them could represent a truly significant saving over the course of a year.

#3: If You’re Not Using It, Turn It Off

We all know the fleeting boredom of having to wait for our computers to start up in the morning, but it’s still important to go through this rigmarole after any bouts of inactivity. Simply making the effort to switch off equipment when it’s not in use could make a phenomenal difference to your energy consumption, so if you’re going to be away from your desk for a while, be sure to power your computer and monitor down. Stand-by mode is not enough –turn it off completely whenever you get the chance.

Make the change today. Follow our three simple and straightforward tips to reduce your energy consumption now.