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Some Tips to Help with a Bathroom Remodeling Project


There are thousands of tips for kitchen and bathroom remodeling on the internet and in book stores. This is probably because those are two very important rooms in a home, particularly for those who are looking at selling their property. Buyers want to see beautiful colors and perfect lighting all through the house and particularly in the bathroom nowadays. It is recommended that you find the best possible bathroom remodeling Scottsdale company if you are looking for a large job. However, there are some smaller, little things you can do yourself. Let’s take a look at three important tips.

  1. Color

Color expresses emotions and it is not possible to find something that everybody likes. However, we are all affected by the colors that surround us. This is why fast food restaurants have so many bright colors, like red, orange and yellow, as these have been shown to increase appetite. In the bathroom, you are looking for an emotional appeal as well. Hence, start by deciding the base color you want to go for, and then go out and choose the different elements of this project. Some of the colors you may want to consider:

  1. Yellow and red if you want to feel lively and awaken you, which is important in the morning. However, do not overdo it as the bathroom will become overbearing. Use a darker hue if you want to create a warm and cozy bedroom. Hence, why not opt for a dark hue for your walls and accessorize with brighter colors?
  2. If you want something restful, you will need green and blue. Blue always matches a bathroom because it reflects water. Green matches beautifully with that. To create a more natural atmosphere, add beige or brown.
  3. Lighting

The lights are also very important. Think about whether your current light fixtures are suitable or whether you want to change thing. Tuscan lighting is particularly popular right now, but so is indirect lighting. Make sure you have swatches with your dominant color with you so that you can see how it responds to the light. Remember as well that the fixtures themselves are very important. If they look stained and old, you may want to have them replaced, unless you are going for a charity-chic look.

  1. Think Black

Black isn’t a color and it is the absence of light, which is why it is deserving of its own category. If you want to make a bathroom look fantastic to your own eyes and ensure it will increase the value of your home, you need a little bit of black. Don’t start buying black, however until after your coloring and lighting have been completed and installed. A small splash of black here and there will enhance anything you have already done. Use a black picture frame, a black lotion dispenser, a black soap or even black towels. The contrast they offer brings all the other colors in the room to life.