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Preparing Your Things For a Storage Unit

There are various reasons you would need to store your belongings in a storage unit. You could be downsizing or just needing to get the excess clutter from your house. Whatever the reason might be, you need to take great care when choosing a location then preparing your possessions for the move. When a move is done correctly, a storage unit can be an invaluable resource to protect the things you hold dear for the minimal amount of time they are away from you. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when looking for a facility.


Hot Or Cold

Possibly the first thing you need to determine when choosing a facility is whether your belongings need to be kept at a certain temperature. Many moving and storage companies tampa fl have both climate controlled and regular units for rent. Are you storing electronics or antique items that could crumble in the hot temperatures? You might be prudent and spend a little extra for those things to be kept in the air conditioning. If you leave them at the mercy of the elements of the unit they may get destroyed.

Keep Things Secure    

Instead of using cardboard boxes which can be chewed through or infested with bugs, consider packing your items in plastic bins for safe keeping. Not only will it provide a hard barrier for anything to get through, but it will also keep the things inside nice and dry. Some plastic bins are also airtight, providing another layer of protection. If you do need to use cardboard, try to keep the heavier items in smaller boxes and pack the lighter items in larger boxes. This will be easier on your back and legs if the weight of your belongings is more evenly distributed.

That Is a Wrap   

For furniture, electronics and other large, delicate objects, bring large blankets, rugs or moving pads to wrap around them. This will protect them as they move and as they sit in the storage unit. Wipeout all appliances, especially refrigerators that could mold if anything damp is left inside them. Stack boxes and chairs on top of each other to utilize the space they will take more efficiently. Most of all, remember to label boxes, bins and any other container that might hold your belongings. It will be easier to tell where they should go when you return to take your things home.