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Preparing Your Home For a Garden Wedding

If you are considering holding a wedding in your back garden, you have some work to do. You should give your home the same attention you would if you were preparing to sell it. This is the time to pay attention to details, as this may be the only time some of your guests will ever visit your home and making a good impression is important.

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Repair and Replace

Fix a broken hinge on the front gate, oil squeaky doors and replace light bulbs. Make sure there are no curling edges on the rugs and that the sliding glass doors to the patio glide like butter. Replace any broken or missing glass or torn window screens. If you have a few too many things to tackle, take advantage of the home maintenance solutions Dayton has to offer to take some of the stress off your plate.

Cleanup Crew

Even if you invite people to a “garden wedding,” you may find people wandering inside looking for the bathroom. Start with a thorough cleaning. This is the time to move the furniture and vacuum underneath, vacuum the drapes and blinds, degrease the top of the range hood and wash all the windows – inside and out. It might be a good idea to have the home’s exterior, walks and driveway power washed as well.


Freshen up any dreary rooms with a coat of new paint. Pay special attention to the areas around doorway and in halls where grubby handprints tend to accumulate. Paint all the trim around doors and windows as well as the baseboards throughout the home. On the outside, put a new coat on your shutters or window boxes (or stain, if applicable). Paint the front door and any other painted surfaces that need a lift.

Give the Yard Some TLC

Take advantage of weed killers and fertilizers to get your lawn in top form. Plant perennialsamong your garden’s flowers so there will be blooms all summer – you don’t want to hold a wedding just as the flowers are fading. If this happens, grab some colorful potted mums or zinnias to place around in the garden for some color.

You may also want to consider the parking situation. Give neighbors a head’s up that there may be people parking along the street that evening, or get permission for parking at a local church lot during the event and run a couple of shuttle cars. If you follow these tips your home and yard can be ready for company and the beginning of someone’s happily ever after.