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Making the Best Use of Space In and Around Your Home


Sometimes it takes a little bit of extra effort to make the best use of the space in and around your home. The natural order of things tends to be chaos and clutter, which is why it’s important to spend a little bit of time focusing on how to avoid those things in the first place, and then potentially how to fix them if you’ve already created the mess that you’re living in.

A few of the things that you can pay attention to in order to maximize space would be to follow storage tips, minimize your belongings as a collective, use a seasonal clothing rotation, and de-clutter your yard and any outside landscaping.

Storage Tips 

As far as following storage tips, there are a lot of different schools of thought. Some advice would suggest that you simply don’t buy seasonal things like decorations, and then you don’t have to store them. Many people suggest purchasing a small storage space away from your home in order to maximize the area that you do have available close to you for things that are more important.


Sometimes the idea of storage is more about getting rid of things than putting things somewhere. Move through a minimization checklist when you have a few extra hours, and you’ll find that your storage worries will melt away the more that you throw away or decide to donate. People who have minimized not only appear to be better organized, they also end up self-assessing as being much happier than they were before they got rid of stuff. Remember, you own your stuff, your stuff does not own you. If that becomes part of your personal mantra, then the use of space around you will naturally become better.

Seasonal Clothing 

Every seasonal change, you should go through and bring out or store different sets of clothes. You don’t need to have winter coats available in the summer. You don’t need to have sandals available in the middle of winter. Moving through the logical process of seasonal clothing storage will help you make sure that only the things that you need are available easily and quickly.

Decluttering Your Yard 

It’s amazing the difference between a cluttered yard and a clean one. You don’t necessarily need to be obsessive about this, but picking up your yard regularly will make it feel like your home is in a bigger space. Visualize someone who has a bunch of junk in the yard, and then an identical house that has nothing but a few decorations and some plants. Can you feel that difference? Simply by having a general outside organizational scam, you’re improving the sense of space for your family.