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Is it Worth Installing a Projector at Home?


There’s nothing like staying on the couch enjoying a good movie when we have nothing to do. Who would say no to an hour and a half (or more) on the couch eating popcorn?

Do you know what advantages a projector offers? Here we tell you everything you need to know.

Reasons to use a projector at home

Projectors have always been closely linked to the cinema, and it is not a coincidence. Thanks to its technology we can enlarge the image so that it can be seen from a size that usually ranges from 40 inches to 100 if necessary. In this sense, it is very versatile.

The size fits our needs and we are not the ones who have to adjust, as happens with the fixed size of a television. In addition, projectors occupy less space since the projector can be placed in many places such as on a table, for example.

It is true that we have to adjust the ambient light to see images perfectly when using a projector. We have to make sure that there is always a little light, but that also gives that magic touch that the cinema has. Watching movies using a projector is a very good option, and also sporting events of all kinds.

Sound? No problem!

We can install a sound bar or audio system that we like without problems. With a projector in addition to connecting it to a DVD player or Blu-Ray, we can also watch TV, connect it to the computer or even enjoy a Smart TV system.

Television or projector?

They are perfectly complementary and if we are movie lovers it is well worth the investment to have a projector just to enjoy movies. It is also a very good option if we have a bar or a restaurant. We can have both without a problem.

Is it difficult to install one?

Normally, when people decide to buy a projector, they wonder if the installation is difficult. Not at all, it is a very simple process and we only have to make some changes in the room if we want to install it on the ceiling.

If we choose to put it on a piece of furniture, we just have to connect it to the electrical supply and then plug in the rest of the video and audio cables; as if it were a television. If instead, we want to install it on the ceiling (more discreet and occupies less space) we will have to install a projector mount.

Project on the screen or a wall?

The best thing is to choose to use a freestanding screen that we can retract. It does not occupy space and gives us more versatility since we can use it anywhere. A wall is only a good option if it is smooth and white.