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How To Easily Save Money on Heating Bills

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When the temperatures drop and the cold air drifts through the house, the energy bill can make you cringe. If you haven’t updated some things around the house, you may be paying a fortune to stay warm this winter. To help you save money this year, take a look through the following ideas and implement them as soon as possible.

Add Insulation

Place additional insulation around your home with spray foam insulation West Virginia. Don’t forget to add it in basement areas to keep your house warmer. Adding insulation around heating ducts can also be helpful. If your ducts are in unheated spaces, such as the attic or basement, you can lose a large percentage of heat before it comes through the ducts and into the house.

Seal the Leaks

If you stand near an unsealed door or window in the winter, you’re going to feel a chilly draft hit your body. Use caulk or weatherstripping to seal common leak points such as doors, windows and attics. Check around electrical outlets and the areas where pipes or cords enter your house and seal those for extra protection.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Having the ability to increase and decrease your thermostat automatically throughout the day for times when you’re home or at work, sleeping or awake, can save a tremendous amount of energy. Year-round savings add up to about 10-20%.

Change Air Filters

Besides giving you healthier air to breathe, clean air filters save you money by allowing hot air to flow more easily. Over the course of time, your furnace will need to be replaced less often because it hasn’t been strained constantly. Change your filters every month or two.

Use Small Appliances

A humidifier can increase the moisture in the air leading to retained heat, lower static electricity and less dry skin. Using a space heater can keep the room you’re in warm without having to heat the entire house at the same temperature.

Cover Windows

Plastic window treatments can help reduce the amount of heat lost through the glass. You could also try hanging blankets over uncovered windows at night. Open the shades or curtains when the sun is shining through to capture that heat and then close them again later so you can retain some of it.

To keep more money in your pocket, instead of in your energy company’s, use these ideas to get started. You’ll see the benefits quickly and be protecting the environment by reducing your energy usage.