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How to Decide on Your Restaurant’s Color Scheme

Restaurant’s Color Scheme

Owning a restaurant is the dream of many, and if you’re lucky enough to have one of your own, then good for you. But making sure your restaurant is a success is a different matter – it’s not easy to make your restaurant stand out, especially since competition is always fierce. If you are thinking of revamping your restaurant or are in the midst of designing your new restaurant, the colors you choose can make a difference as well. Are you looking for inspiration when it comes to your restaurant’s color scheme? Here’s how to decide on the best color scheme and theme for your restaurant. 

 Get inspired

The good news is that, in many paint shops, you can get lots of inspiration for good color palettes. There are many palettes which have already been put together by the experts, so take the time to look through them and get some inspiration. This is extremely helpful if you’re not quite sure what colors work together and what colors clash.

The best colors for fast food and casual dining restaurants 

Walk into your favorite fast food place or casual diner, and one of the first aspects you’ll notice is the vibrant and bright colors. It doesn’t matter if it’s a franchise fast food restaurant or your neighborhood diner – you can be sure that you’ll be greeted with bright, bold colors such as red, yellow, and orange. If you have a fast food restaurant or a casual dining restaurant, you may want to look into bolder and brighter colors as well. 

The best colors for bistros and gourmet-style restaurants

If you have a bistro, café, or gourmet-style restaurant, the best colors for your establishment would be neutrals such as grays, browns, and beiges, which evoke a more soothing, relaxing atmosphere for your diners. But since neutral colors can look a bit boring, add a splash of bright color here and there.

The best colors for lunch counters or cafes, health food or vegetarian restaurants 

Restaurants which have a ‘healthy’ vibe or which serve healthy food such as salads or vegetarian fare, or restaurants which cater more to the lunch crowd, can certainly benefit from colors such as bright green and dark or light brown, which evoke a feeling of healthiness and creativity. Don’t forget to choose the same colors for your restaurant chairs, booths, and tables, and there are many restaurant chairs for sale which can certainly match your theme. 

More tips 

If you think your restaurant colors are boring, add a pop of color with a bold accent wall. Metallic shades of gold and silver can be added to your restaurant’s overall design for a more elegant and luxurious feel, and don’t be afraid to go bold with colors – your restaurant, after all, should be a vibrant, exciting and interesting environment which aims to delight diners in more ways than one.