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Five Ways You Can Work On Living A Greener Life

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There are many reasons to go green, even if you don’t think your small amount of impact will make that much of a difference on the world as a whole. Not only does it save the earth, but it can save you money too. Plus, many green products and ways of life are just healthier for you.

Some green strategies take a decent investment of money, but they will make that money back for you in a year or two. Some of them take some extra time from your day, but it’s worth it knowing that you are doing something good for you, your friends, your children, and the future.

Use More Energy Star Products

The Energy Star rating on appliances and electronic items means that you will save money on your electric bill, you will lessen your carbon footprint, and you will be doing something good for the environment. When it comes to smaller appliances and electronics you might not even notice a price difference between Energy Star and plain old items. However, some larger appliances can have a little bit of a price difference, but it’s worth it in the money you will save on your energy bill starting immediately.

Start Recycling

Recycle or reuse when you can. Not all things are created equal, which means there are plenty of items that can’t be recycled. Get to know what can and start to get in the habit of recycling. Not only does recycling keep a decent amount of trash out of landfills, but it also gives manufacturers a renewable source to use for creating anything from plastic bags to playground equipment.

Compost Your Trash

When it comes some of your other trash items, composting can be a great way to cut down on what gets tossed. You can then use the composted materials for fertilizer for flowers or even for your vegetable garden (which is another great way to save money). Many garbage food items can be composted, like vegetable rinds and spoiled fruit. It’s also a great way to cut down on yard waste, like leaves and clipped grass.

Unplug When You Can

Even if you have Energy Star electronics it still doesn’t hurt to unplug things when they are not in use. Even a computer that is turned off, and a TV, but still plugged in is drawing energy and costing you money. It may not cut your bill monthly, but it can add up through the year.

Walk Or Ride Your Bike

You can also cut down on air pollution, and add some fitness into your life, by biking or walking instead of taking the car all the time. If you only need one or two things from the store and it’s only a couple blocks away, why not get out and enjoy the fresh air for a few minutes?