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Five Things To Do To Keep Your Carpet Safe

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The carpet in your home gets a lot of use and it gets abused. There are things that you can do to help make your carpet look newer for longer. And you don’t even have to stoop to asking people to remove their shoes when they enter your home.

If you have children your carpet is at risk of more dirt and stains. If you live in an old house with an old carpet you may risk carpets bugs and moths. If you want to keep your carpet looking newer, here are some tips that might help.

Know What To Look For When It Comes To Bugs

You can get bugs inside your carpet, especially in older carpeting or in older homes. Knowing what to look for in carpet moths will help you control them better if you find them in your home. Carpet beetles are another gross bug you could find in your carpet.

If you have any of these material munching bugs in your carpet and you’re not able to get them under control on their own, you definitely want to hire a professional exterminator. If the infestation is bad or has been going on for awhile, you may need to replace your carpet.

Consider Investing In Some Kind Of Carpet Guard

If you don’t want a dirty carpet, invest in some Scotchgard to protect your carpet. Basically, this coating for your carpet helps repel dirt and stains. If you invest in new carpeting you can find some that is already coated in Scotchgard.

You may want to just get a carpet to go inside your front door for people to wipe their shoes off on. Then again, you can always have everyone remove their shoes when they walk into your home.

Vacuum Often, But Not Too Much

Vacuuming your carpet will help keep it clean. You want to get a good vacuum with a lot of suction. This will help to ensure that you are getting all of the dirt that is deep down in the fibers of the carpet.

You don’t want to over-vacuum though. Your vacuum could damage the fibers of your carpet if you’re vacuuming numerous times a day, or every day for a long period of time. You may get loose strands.

Get A Steam Cleaner Or Carpet Shampooer

If you do have a high-traffic home and kids or pets, you may want to invest in your own steam cleaner or carpet shampooer. If you only need a deep clean on rare occasions, like after a holiday party, you can always rent one.

When you do shampoo your carpet you need to make sure that you dry it well before putting your furniture back on it. Use fans, open the windows and give it some time. You don’t want it to get moldy and smelly!