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DIY Curb Appeal Projects for the Energetically Inclined


There’s a lot to be said for attempting to do home improvement projects on your own. There are savings regarding cost. And then there’s the fact that you will probably learn something during the improvement process, like how to troubleshoot various other aspects of your house. That said, for the energetically inclined, there are plenty of curb appeal projects that will fit nicely in your and goals.

A few easy ones to consider include taking care of your gutters, trimming or landscaping, and using seasonal decorations. If you want a fresh perspective on things that could be improved concerning curb appeal, just have a friend drop by who hasn’t seen your home in a while. Their new set of eyes may give you some indications what stands out to someone not familiar with your household.

Take Care of Those Gutters 

One of the easiest things to start looking shabby at your home is the gutters. So if you look at your house from the side of the road and see dirty, ugly nasty attachments to roof, it may be time to learn to clean your gutters, and then potentially even paint them after that. Working with drains isn’t typically very hard because it’s out in the open and it’s hard to cause much damage. Get a tall ladder and a garden hose, and you’re off to a good start.

Trim Your Landscaping 

Landscaping details can make your home look awful quicker than anything else. Once the grass starts growing around the edges of sidewalks and driveways, and once bushes and trees begin looking unruly, it can very quickly look like you don’t care about your household. So trim your landscaping on a regular basis, and by the necessary tools that you need to do this consistently over several years.

Use Seasonal Decorations 

Every new holiday season, you can improve the curb appeal of your home. Look for fun ideas for seasonal decorations, and you will see a million appropriate ways to add a little spice to the appearance of your house, and most of them cost very little money. A splash of color or decoration here or there makes a huge difference.

Have a Friend Offer a New Perspective 

If you aren’t sure where to start in terms of curb appeal, have a friend drop by and look at your house. Ask them what it is that they see first that looks like it might need fixing. They might point you towards a broken looking window. They may see a dent in a garage door that needs to get fixed. The point is that they are going to find something that you may miss because you’re so familiar with your area.