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Bottom Floor Apartments: Working Around the Drawbacks


Someone has got to have one, but it would be fair to say that bottom floor apartments have far more drawbacks then benefits. Sure, there might not be any flights of stairs to walk up, but that’s pretty much where the advantages stop.

Whether its noise, privacy or security – these are just some of the issues that hinder any person staying in one of these apartments. It means that they tend to hit the estate agent windows at slightly cheaper prices than their loftier neighbors and if the above factors have been hindering you in the past, then it’s time to read on and find out how you can combat them.

Funnily enough, all of these issues are caused by the glazing. If we didn’t have windows, the external noise levels would be greatly reduced. If we didn’t have windows, we’d immediately solve every privacy concern. And, as you’ve probably already gathered, if we didn’t have windows, there would be far fewer security problems.

We’re not going to suggest that you smash through your glazing and throw up a solid brick wall. Instead, we have a far more inventive solution on the cards – one that revolves around window blinds. In other words, if you use them shrewdly, you can improve all of the problems we have talked about significantly.

Let’s start with sound. While this is going to be something that will affect all of the apartments in your block, if you happen to be on ground floor level you are immediately inviting more decibels into your front room. This is where something like an insulated shade comes into the picture. As the name suggests, its primary aim is to insulate heat, but it can also do the same for sound. It can add up to three cells worth of protection to your glazing and ultimately, make things much quieter in your apartment.

We should also mention that these inventions can work wonders for their primary use, which is stopping the heat escaping your room and preventing the cold air seeping in. As most heat rises (to your top floor neighbors), this is a side-benefit so to speak of using insulated shades.

Next on the list is privacy. The last thing anyone needs is for a nosey neighbor to be peering in every time they wander past your window. Unfortunately, whether anyone admits it or not, this is exactly what happens. This is where the top-down bottom-up shade works wonders. In simple terms, it can be operated from the bottom of the window as well as the top, allowing you to select which portions of the glazing are open to the outside. Immediately, your privacy concerns are eradicated.

The above paragraph has also dealt with the issue of security. Along with nosey neighbors, you have inquisitive criminals. By blocking out the lower part of the window, you’ve subsequently hidden away your prized possessions as well as stopping would-be intruders from seeing if anyone is at home.

As you can see, these solutions are incredibly simple, but they work wonders in preventing some of the modern-day problems that hinder apartments.