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8 Most Creative Things People Have Done to Their Garage Door

garagedoorEverybody likes to make their home look amazing because it’s usually their most expensive asset. It’s important that people look forward to returning home from work on a daily basis, and that’s achieved by styling it to suit their specific needs. You might have gone to great lengths to ensure your home’s style suits your individual preferences, but there’s always ways you can make your home look even better.

Many people would never think about styling their garage door to give it some originality, however, many people from all around the world have made their garage look truly unique. Of course, you don’t need to be eccentric in order to make your garage door in Perth match your home’s existing style, you just need to purchase a door from a reputable provider that’s happy to offer expert advice.

You can visit http://www.warollerdoors.com.au/ today if you want to browse through a wide variety of great doors. You’ll almost certainly find one that you’ll love, and it’s a home addition that could improve your property’s appearance exponentially. Below, we’ll take a look at some the most creative things people have done to make their garage door look a little different – you might be inspired to do something similar.

Unique Garage Door Designs

The following garage door designs are a little eccentric, but the main thing that matters is that you like what you see. Here are eight creative garage door designs that might surprise you:

  • Secret agent style – Two companies, one of which included an esteemed architect, created a garage door that looks just look a lower-floor window to match the rest of the house.
  • 3D sticker – One man made a poster that gives the illusion it can be driven straight through.
  • Graffiti – Some people think graffiti artists are simply a nuisance to society, but others really respect their work. Some people love their work so much that they cover their whole garage in graffiti.
  • A nice car – We all dream of owning a luxurious vehicle like a Mercedes or BMW, and you can always cover your garage door with a poster of one if you can’t afford the real thing.
  • A beach setting – One person has created a huge poster of a white sandy beach to feel like they’re on holiday every time they retrieve their car.
  • A stable – Another great poster idea is to have a lifelike painting of a horse in a stable and drape it over your garage door.
  • Something deadly – You never know, you might scare off burglars with a giant painting of a crocodile.
  • A hanger – Rather than pretend you have a nice car with your garage door design, why not pretend you own your own jet?

While the crazy but very real garage door designs detailed above might not be to your specific tastes, you can find a great looking door if you purchase from a supplier that’s been in the business for years. Just make sure your garage door is as secure as it is attractive to avoid becoming a victim of theft.