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6 Key Secrets to Style your Bedside Tables


There is no doubt that bed is the most important thing in our bedroom that captures the most of the area, but in order to make our bedroom more elegant and well-decorated, you should think about adding a few more stuff. Placing a beautifully designed bedside table will definitely be a good idea.

However, the bedside table can be placed to keep your favorite books, a glass of milk, midnight snacks and obviously the boring alarm clocks, but by making a few changes, you can transform your bedside table into one of the most elegant focal points in your bedroom. In this article, we will talk about ways through which you will be able to make your bedside table one of the best attractions in your bedroom.

When the Size Does Matter

Many people keep small chests, chairs, desks or even small tools beside their bed, as they just need a helping stuff that can hold some important things. However, if those furniture items are small and good looking, then you can use them for your preferred purpose.

Before placing such stuff beside your bed, you should keep in mind that the table should be of same height as your bed mattress is. If you have a lower or higher table in place, it will look odd and will not serve the purpose properly.

Include Objects to Create Balance

If you think that your bedside table is not attractive and it needs a few changes so that it can match with other stuff in your bedroom then add an object that can create a balance in the appearance.

For example, you can add a curvy table lamp on the bedside tables. It will not only create balance but will add beauty and style to your room. However, one thing you should keep in mind that never leave you bedside table empty, as an empty table will be a miss-matched choice for the bedroom.

Add Complimenting Colors

You will definitely not like to keep stuff besides your bed that comes with odd colors. There is no doubt that every one of us wants to decorate of our bedroom with furniture and other things that come with our favorite color and that is why you should bring a table that looks perfect in the mind-pleasing environment of your bedroom.

Keep Fresh Flowers on the Table

Fresh flowers can be kept in any corner of your house. Since we are talking about bedroom and bedside table, then you will have to bring flowers that will fit best in the environment of your bedroom. By adding flowers in your bedroom, you will be able to add natural color to your nightstand with amazing fragrance.

Add Fire to Your Passion

If you want to keep something on your bedside table that can offer you both light and mental energy, then keeping a luxurious candle on the table will be a good idea. The candle will provide you light and energy. Scented candles will offer you fragrance to make the environment soothing.

Add Some Lighting

You can put a traditional lamp on your bedside table that can make the look of your bedroom great. However, decorating the table with a funky light fixture will definitely add extra design flair to your bedroom. While decorating light on your bedside table, keep in mind that those light should match the texture of other items in your bedroom.

Bedside tables have become popular these days. Along with other stuff, people now want to decorate their bedroom with a stylish and beautifully designed bedside table.

Author Bio – Roger Webber is an interior designer working for a reputed company. Apart from his profession, the author writes blogs on how to transform your room into an elegant and stylish one by changing stuff like bedside tables.