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4 Ways to Make Your Home More Cheerful

Home More Cheerful

Not everyone has an interior designer within them.  Many people aren’t so sure how to achieve the kind of house that they seem to like in magazines.  They know what they like, but they aren’t quite sure how to get there.  One of the best ways to achieve the look that you would like is to understand the mood behind it.

Often when you look in magazines the reason that you like the living spaces printed is because of the fact that they have a mood of lightness and joy.  When a home is cheerful, the people who live inside of it are cheerful!  Here are some of the most effective ways to make your home a more cheerful place. 

Let More Light In

When your house has a lot of natural light coming through then you are more likely to feel an air of happiness when you walk into it.  Dark spaces remind us of being in jail, or a dark cave, whereas light and airy spaces are joyful.

If your windows aren’t letting enough light in, consider getting them replaced.  Most interior designers will tell you that lighting is everything when it comes to setting the mood of a room.  By allowing the light to come in through your windows you will be letting the light come into your mood space as well.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers are something that remind us of new growth and a fresh start since they are a representation of spring.  When your space is full of life like flowers this is translated into a lighthearted mood which makes people feel good when they walk into it.

Try to put out some fresh flowers at least once a week.  Flowers can be pricey so remember to choose one that will last a while.  Usually, the best ones to choose will be in season and at a cheaper price. Preferably buy them in buds so that you can keep them for even longer as they bloom. 


Consider adding a little music to your space throughout the day.  When you have upbeat music playing it adds to the happy atmosphere.  Depending on what kind of activity you are doing you can have different options available.

Dinner parties are usually appropriate for something jazzy or low volume, while having guests over for drinks may call for something more festive.  Try a few different playlists and you can release your inner DJ depending on the mood that it calls for.

Lighter Colors

When your house has colors which are light and more on the pastel side, then you allow even more light in.  Colors which are dark absorb light and will give a heavier feel to your living space.

Start making a few small changes by switching out darker colors for light and you will notice your mood shifting immediately.