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3 Tips For Keeping Your House Clean With Kids

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When it comes to kids, there is one thing that is certain, and that is that they are messy.  Whether they are young toddlers or in their teenage years, it’s easy for them to easily spill something or make a mess in an impressively short period of time.

In order to keep up with their messes, it can seem like you are a full time cleaning person. You start to wonder where certain smells are coming from on a daily basis, and how such a tiny person can create such destruction.  As you scrub jelly fingerprints off of your walls and pick up embedded crumbs from your shag carpet you may find yourself asking, “why did I do this again?” However, you will find that there are a few tips for making sure that you can keep up with the messy madness without driving yourself nuts.  Here’s how.

Deep Clean Once a Week

In order to keep up with the frequent messes, you should make sure that you are regularly chipping away at it.  If you let it pile up for months on end or even years, you will find yourself with a massive job to get done.

Instead, try to take an hour or two each week to go in and deeply scrub trouble areas.  This way you only have short increments of cleaning rather than long and miserable periods of time trying to make up for lost time that you failed to clean up an encrusted mess.

Use Containers And Baskets

As piles grow with kids around you may find that you have nowhere to keep it all.  It can seem like someone threw a pile of contents from all parts of your house into the middle of the floor.  Rather than taking the time every single day to sort and put away every little thing, you can save yourself time by storing things in baskets and containers around the house.

Since the purpose of your existence isn’t cleaning, it’s ok to make little shortcuts for yourself to ensure that you don’t go crazy.  Out of sight means out of mind.  Even though you may not be taking the time to individually store all of the tiny knick-knacks that your children drag throughout the house from every possible crevice, you are still clearing the area.  By throwing it into a basket you are clearing your space and giving your home the illusion of being spotless.

Make Cleaning Part Of Chores

As your children get older don’t be afraid to expect them to contribute to the cleaning duties.  By including cleaning responsibilities into their weekly chores you can not only give them a stronger sense of responsibly, but you can relieve yourself of some of the hard work.