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The Top 7 Strains of Medical Marijuana for Breast Cancer

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Medical marijuana can provide relief for breast cancer patients. Learn more about the top 7 strains for patients who are battling fatigue, pain and loss of appetite.

Patients who are battling breast cancer often have to deal with nausea, fatigue and lack of appetite during treatment. Medical marijuana can offer relief and help patients get through this troubling time as comfortably as possible. Here are the top 7 strains for breast cancer patients:

1.     Verde Electric

Known for its smooth taste and long-lasting effects, Verde Electric is one of the best medical marijuana strains for breast cancer patients. It’s excellent for treating pain and digestive issues, but also provides a relaxing buzz and a quick burst of energy. This hybrid is a mix of Platinum OG and Durban Poison.

2.     Kushberry

For patients who are dealing with extreme nausea, pain and anxiety during treatment, Kushberry is the best weed ever. Known for its relaxing, uplifting, and appetite-enhancing effects, this strain can help breast cancer patients maintain a normal routine by easing pain and stimulating their appetite.

3.     Afghanica

A hybrid strain, Afghanica offers pain relief, stimulates appetite and alleviates stress and depression. Potent with a woody taste and tea-like aroma, many cancer patients prefer this strain over others.

4.     OG Wreck

Ideal for nighttime use, OG Wreck is a potent strain that offers pain and nausea relief. With a sour, skunky aroma and fruity taste, this strain has high levels of THC and offers a variety of therapeutic effects. Patients often feel euphoric and hungry after use.

5.     Armageddon

With powerful physical and mental effects, Armageddon is a great strain for pain relief and nausea. With citrus notes and a diverse taste (fruity and cheesy), many breast cancer patients enjoy this strain because of its long-lasting effects. Armageddon’s high THC levels provide a quick initial head effect, which makes it great for daytime use. As the effects mellow, this strain leaves patients with a full body relaxation that lasts for hours.

6.     OCD

A sativa strain, OCD is an excellent choice for nausea relief and stimulating appetite. While many patients love this strain, it can cause anxiety in some users. It’s a rare strain, but will give patients the energy they need to get through the day.

7.     Russian Rocket Fuel

Great for poor appetite and nausea, Russian Rocket Fuel is a hybrid strain with uplifting and energetic effects. For patients who are feeling run-down and unable to focus, this strain is the ideal choice.

Now that medical marijuana possession is legal in most states, breast cancer patients can enjoy the relief that these 7 strains offer.