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The Different Types Of Herbal Medicines That Are Beneficial To Your Health


Many times we use different types of herbs, even in cooking without realizing that most of them have amazing healing properties that will do more than add some flavor to your food. Herbal remedies are great, easy to use and also easy to get.  Some of them are well known, but others are not as common. Here are some popular herbal remedies:

  • Garlic

This can be taken fresh by chewing or swallowing or as a powder. It is useful for lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels. Garlic has also been known to kill several types of cancer, including lung cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, etc.  It is also an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and is used to reduce inflammation.

  • Echinacea

This can be taken as a powder. It is a good remedy for cold,  flu and kidney infections.

  • Ginger

Ginger can be taken fresh or as an oil. It is useful for several conditions. It is not just a spice, but an important anti-bacterial. Ginger is a powerful pain reliever; especially for headaches, muscle and joint pain. It’s also known to fight asthma, diabetes and is particularly useful in combating nausea.

  • St John’s Wort

This can be used as a cream or infusion. It is useful as an anti-depressant, for anxiety, irritability and even fatigue. It is also used for burns and inflammations.

  • Lavender

This is useful for indigestion, and it can also be used for people who are prone to anxiety, because it is known to combat depression. Lavender is useful in treating common skin disorders such as acne and eczema. It gets rid of lice and lice eggs in hair, as well as lowering blood pressure and relieving hypertension. Lavender has also been known to relieve respiratory problems such as asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis.

  • Thyme

This is a herb that treats conditions like gout and arthritis. Thyme is also useful in scalp treatment to prevent hair loss, and it’s also good for treating athletes’ foot.

  • Chamomile

This can be used as an ointment, by inhalation, or as a mouthwash. It is very useful for calming upset stomachs and giving good sleep. Since it has a wonderful calming effect, it is beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety and nervousness. It is also good for relaxing sore muscles.

  • Peppermint

Peppermint is good for respiratory problems, coughs, colds and asthma. It reduces colonic spasms and is known to be as effective as Bascopan.It relaxes the intestines to allow the passage of gas. Peppermint aroma is also known to enhance memory, and is very useful for relieving headaches when the oil is rubbed on the forehead.

  • Dandelion

Dandelion is great for improving liver function. It is used for kidney and liver disorders and also relieves gall bladder problems.

  • Gingko

This is a unique herb that improves circulation; especially to the brain. It is known to treat dementia, improve memory and regulate the heartbeat.

  • Ginseng

This can be taken as a powder. It is useful for lung conditions and reducing blood pressure. Ginseng also boosts the immune system and combats fatigue.

Herbal remedies are a good preventive measure against common ailments and they also gently combat them, enjoy a healthy, long life!


Carol Lindsey has studied herbal medicines for 7 years, and she has specialized in kratom as well as other herbs. She has written many articles regarding herbal medicines; their benefits and how one can get them cure various diseases.