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Five Unique Ways To Adopt A Healthier Diet


There are a million reasons why you should be eating healthier. It boosts your energy, it can make you smarter, it fights illnesses, and it even makes your hair and nails healthier. Maybe you want to eat better simply to improve your health or maybe you’re trying to lose weight, whatever the goal, eating healthy isn’t as hard as you think.

It’s also not just about getting your fruits and veggies or picking the right bread. You don’t have to quit eating red meat and you can find great dessert and snack alternatives that make you not miss candy bars and potato chips. If you’re bored with the normal diet plans, here are some unique ways to eat healthier.

Try Wild Game

Wild game is healthy food. In fact, venison is the most heart healthy red meat out there. If you’re unsure how to go about cooking wild game (you can often buy it at butcher shops, without the need to actually go hunting on your own) you can find recipes online, or get yourself a wild game cookbook.

Deer isn’t the only edible wild game. If you like dark meat fowl, go for duck or goose (it’s a little greasy, but cooking it right can help with that). Maybe try wild turkey. Small game, like rabbit and squirrel, are good for your health as well.

Go Fishing

Fish is really healthy, packed with omega-3s. You can buy fresh fish at many local grocery stores, but if you’re feeling adventurous you might want to go out and catch those fish yourself.

Start Foraging

Foraging can be fun and you might be able to pick a salad right out of your own yard. Read up on edible wild plants so you know what is safe to eat. You can eat some flowers and plenty of plants, including the leaves and flowers of dandelions.

Make sure you know berries and mushrooms extra well, as eating the wrong ones can kill you. A safe rule to live by is to never eat anything you are not absolutely sure is safe for you. You also don’t want to eat wild greens in a yard that is treated with fertilizer or pesticides.

Buy In Season Only

If you want to get the most nutrients out of your fruits and veggies you should be buying them while they are in season. They also taste better when they are. You can also save money by buying them at your local farmer’s market, and that guarantees they are fresher and haven’t spend a week on a refrigerator truck to get to the grocery store.

Raw And From Scratch

You can also get more nutrients out of some of your vegetables if you’re eating them raw instead of cooking them. Take some time to learn which ones retain more healthy benefits when raw and use them for snacks in place of chips and other junk food.

It’s also smart to cook from scratch as much as possible. Boxed foods are full of unhealthy preservatives.