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Five Tips For Fighting For Medical Help And Disability


When you or someone in your family is diagnosed with a major illness or a terminal disease and you can’t work, you need to have help. If you can’t work, you can’t pay your bills. That’s what social security and disability are meant for, but they aren’t always that easy to get your hands on.

If you have a child with an illness, like autism, you may need some help as well. Your child may never live a normal life, and they may never have a job or move out, so you will need some extra help raising them and caring for them. That help may mean a need for money and even a need for an at home nurse.

Take It To Court

You will most often get denied for disability the first time you apply, and maybe even the second time. It helps to get a lawyer involved when you try the second time, as you may even need to take your case to court. Don’t stop fighting if you can’t work and need money.

Don’t Wait On The Paperwork

If you put off your paperwork when it comes to getting your disability or any other kind of help, it will take that much longer to get the assistance you need. The longer you wait the more your bills are going to pile up. If the paperwork seems difficult, look for help filling it out properly.

Keep Copies Of Everything

Have copies from your doctor appointments, make copies of everything you mail to anyone when it comes to your illness or disability, and keep all of these things together for easy access. You never know when you’re going to need to prove you mailed certain paperwork on a certain day. Keep track.

Chronicle Your Pain

Have a pain journal, whether you’re new to this pain or it’s like an old, annoying friend. This will not only help you with doctor appointments, but it can also be of assistance when it comes to getting your disability to go through. You want everything you can that will help prove you need help.

See A New Doctor

If you feel as though you shouldn’t be working because of your illness, but your doctor doesn’t seem to want to agree, it’s definitely time for you to seek a second opinion. Some doctors treat patients differently, and if you have an illness that makes your working life hard, you need to find a doctor that can help you. Get a second opinion and then go from there.

If you need medical help when it comes to a disability, it is important to keep pushing forward. Don’t ever give up and settle. Your life is important and you deserve to be able to live it to the best of your ability.