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Feeling Burned Out? Calgary Respite Care Brings Relief

Feeling Burned Out

When you’re the primary caregiver of an older relative with dementia, you can easily burn yourself out. In today’s world, tireless work is often worn as a badge of honour, but it can be very damaging to your own health. If you’re suffering from stress or burnout, it’s not healthy for you or your loved one to continue without a break. Some of the signs of caregiver stress involve:

  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling irritable or overreacting to little things
  • Feeling resentful toward your loved one
  • Overeating, smoking or smoking more than usual, and excessive drinking
  • Feeling exhausted

These stress symptoms are typically precursors to more severe burnout with more extreme symptoms:

  • Feeling constantly exhausted, despite sleeping or taking some time off
  • Your responsibilities give you no satisfaction, even though they take up most of your life
  • Feeling despair and helplessness
  • Neglecting your own health and feeling unable to relax
  • Coming down with colds or flus with unusual frequency

If you’ve noticed these signs and symptoms in yourself, it’s time to look for help. Often, family caregivers are reluctant to let someone else step in, but high quality respite care for seniors is available in Calgary. Some providers have even gone the extra step and made their services easier to access and fully transparent. For example, an app developed by Calgary’s Mavencare keeps you or another family member involved every step of the way.

Respite care gives you the time you need to reenergize and rest. It’s best used as a way to keep burnout from developing, as it can lead to a serious collapse. By taking day-long breaks on a regular schedule, such as once or twice a week, you can give yourself the space and time to look after yourself and your family. Individuals with burnout often take on far more than they can reasonably manage as a way to “prove their worth.” If they can, family members can make excellent caregivers, but they can’t do it all, physically or emotionally. If you’re still concerned about your loved one while you are away, consider connected respite care in Calgary from Mavencare. It gives you the ability to create schedules of necessary tasks, medication reminders, and daily routines that give your loved one comfort.

It’s possible for your loved one to remain at home without becoming a burden for the family. Respite care from providers like Mavencare helps family caregivers in Calgary take a break from responsibilities that sometimes seem overwhelming. If you never take a break, your friends and loved ones will watch as the life drains out of you, as you become increasingly irritable and short-tempered, and ultimately harm your own wellbeing. Don’t let stress and burnout ruin your life. If you’re already experiencing it, there are ways to recover, but not by ignoring the problem. Although this article focuses on occupational burnout, it still has plenty of good advice for recovering. Pay attention to your own health, do something unusual, get plenty of sleep, and be patient with yourself. In the meantime, get a helping hand from trustworthy, connected support workers.