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Dr. Adam Stein Raleigh, NC discusses the benefits of neck surgery


Dr Adam Stein Raleigh NC Many people forget to check out their neck when looking in the mirror or getting work done. However It is the place that can really highlight the signs of aging. Sun damage, excess weight even which you have now lost will all leave its mark on your neckline. It can be loose, saggy, wrinkled and just look aged and sun warn.

You may therefore desire for it to be tightened up or reduced in size and droopiness. Dr. Adam Stein Raleigh, NCcan help you in this task. He has received five star and fantastic reviews and ratings for this kind of surgery at Stein Plastic Surgery. He is a first class health professional and is renowned for plastic surgery in Raleigh NC. A first class surgeon who will meet your needs and who offers a great after care service.

Neck lift surgery is therefore one of the most transformative procedures and this is a comment that Dr. Adam Stein Raleigh, NC hears very often. The surgeon will remove excess skin and fat that has been left on the neck area, there may be some restructuring of the muscle required. The process can be so rejuvenating the patient often comments, in reviews and ratings, just how much better they look and feel from this one procedure.

The procedure, although one of the most effective, is also one of the most safe and reliable. There
have been massive improvements in technology and the changes can be made with very minimal incisions and therefore the scarring is not too apparent either.

The neck lift itself is a fairly simple procedure that requires two to three hours work. Anaesthetic is used but can be either local along with a sedative or you can be unconscious. The surgeon will discuss this with you and you can come to a conclusion together. The scope of the procedure can also be discussed with your surgeon as you can have a liposuction process or a removal of skin and a tightening process. More dramatic results can be achieved with the latter but this is slightly more work and will require more recovery time.

When you go ahead with your neck lift you will have to take a week or two off work. For the first 24 hours after your procedure you will require someone to be with you as moving around will be very hard.
You will have to rest up for the first few days and you will be giving medication for pain control. Your surgeon will discuss this with you. Loose fitting shirts will be required at the time so that you do not touch your scars whist getting changed.

You should avoid strenuous lifting or activity for another few weeks even when you are back at work
and back on your feet. As time passes your neck lift will look more and more impressive and optimal results are seen at 6 months. If you avoid alcohol and smoking this result could come even quicker.

If you are considering surgery this is one that is fairly smooth and has extremely noticeable and positive results.