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Colon-cleansing foods for a healthier body

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We should all be aware of the fact that a healthy gut is the key to an overall healthy body. An unhealthy gut is often the culprit if you find that you feel less vital and vibrant than usual, struggle with different digestive problems and have a tendency to catch cold whenever it’s going around. It is interesting to note that almost 70% of the cells which make up our immune system are located within the wall of our gut. Hence, sluggish rate of digestion, stress, poor diet, environmental toxins and food toxins which take a toll on the health of the gut also impact your overall health. This is the right time to clean up your gut and lighten the load on your entire system, and you can start by adding these gut-cleansing foods into your diet.

  1. Dark leafy green vegetables: These bright green plants play a major role in cleaning your gut and they are also rich in antioxidants: minerals which can help our body protect itself from the different toxins which we’re exposed to. If you suffer from a lot of digestive problems, it might be the best option to have cooked vegetables as they’re usually easier to digest. You can also try simple soups by adding vegetables after boiling them. Add healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado or butter, and an acid (either vinegar or lemon juice) to allow proper absorption of the vitamins in the greens.
  2. Fermented foods: A diet which is high in refined carbohydrates and low in fibre content reduces the total number of friendly bacteria within the intestines, thereby upsetting the normal bacterial balance. Kefir, yogurt and other fermented foods like sauerkraut can rejuvenate the population of friendly bacteria. Bifidobacteria are numerous within the colon and Lactobacilli prevail within the intestine. The good bacteria synthesize the vitamins from your food, process toxins and prevent the growth of microorganisms that cause diseases.
  3. Water: Water is the universal solvent and when you don’t drink adequate water, you may experience constipation and problems in the bowel and kidneys. Fever, physical activity, consumption of meat and change in climate increases the requirement for water. Everyone should be drinking at least 6-10 glasses of water every day, or you can also follow the formula of drinking half of your weight in ounces. This can include herb tea, pure water or fruit juice in moderation lifestyle.
  4. Psyllium Husk: This is a type of seed with cleansing abilities created by its high fibre content. It can be easily added to smoothies or muesli for a morning fibre boost. It’s best to start taking this in low doses to see how your body reacts.

Apart from eating these colon cleansing foods, supplements like MAG 07 will help you to keep your digestive system healthy and fit. As always, consult your doctor if you feel that something is seriously wrong with your health.