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Are You a Good Candidate for Botox?


Botox is a very popular and common cosmetic procedure that helps people look younger. Many people search for Botox treatment in San Jose, CA, checking the galleries of before and after pictures on clinics’ websites to determine whether they would like to have the procedure completed there. This will provide them with realistic expectations in terms of what to expect. Another major question, however, is whether they are a right candidate for the procedure. Let’s take a look at some of the prerequisites.

Who Is Botox for?

  1. You must have a realistic and strong desire to improve the way that you look. Since Botox is called a “modern miracle” by many, it is incredibly popular. However, you must be realistic: Botox improves your appearance, but it doesn’t turn you into a completely different person.
  2. You must be a mature adult. If you do not yet have at least a few wrinkles, then there is no point in having Botox just yet. That said, you also shouldn’t be too old because, once your skin loses so much of its elasticity that you have an abundance of wrinkles, it will be too late. This is why it is so important that you properly consult with your physician before you have the procedure completed.
  3. You have to be able to afford it. Botox can be used for medical reasons, in which case your insurance company may pay for it, but if you hope to use Botox to fight the signs of aging, the cost will have to come out of your own pocket. Check what the price will be first, therefore. Also, remember that the effects are temporary only, which means that you may require further treatments every few months, which you will have to pay for as well.
  4. You must be healthy. Botox is not a surgical procedure, but it will not be offered to the ill and infirm. If you have recently had breathing problems, are expecting a baby, have difficulties in swallowing, or if you are breastfeeding, your cosmetic doctor is unlikely to agree to provide you with Botox injections. Similarly, those who have recently had surgery to the face are not good candidates. It is never available for those who ever reacted negatively or developed an allergy to Botox, similar medications, or any of the ingredients found in Botox.
  5. Are you mentally stable? The procedure may be minimally invasive, it is still a medical procedure, and one that changes the way you look. Some people find that the results are so strange, even if it is in a good way, that they can feel shocked after the procedure has been completed. You must be mentally able to deal with the effects of Botox as well, therefore.

If you answer yes to all of the above questions, then it is likely that you will be a good candidate for Botox treatment. Do make sure, however, that you check with your physician first and that they understand your personal medical history.