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Alcohol; The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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Alcohol isn’t all bad. It has its place and its moments of goodness. The key to alcohol consumption is moderation. Some forms of alcohol can actually be good for your health, but only if they are used in moderation.

The unfortunate thing is that some people can’t use alcohol simply in moderation. Maybe they have addictive tendencies or maybe they just don’t know when to say no. Here is a brief look at the three sides of alcohol.

The Ugly

Alcohol use can lead to abuse and addiction, which leads to the need for addiction treatment if you’re lucky. Alcohol abuse can lead to a quick death or a slow and painful one. Like any addiction, alcohol addiction is an ugly thing that can ruin families and lives.

A quick death can come from alcohol poisoning. Drinking too much in too short of time can cause this, and most people die asphyxiating on their own vomit. It can happen to people of any age, but often happens to teenagers when they begin experimenting with alcohol at parties.

Alcohol can also lead to a slow and painful death. It kills your liver, literally. Cirrhosis of the liver is when part of your liver dies. The only recovery from this is surgery to replace the dead part of your liver.

The Good

There are mixed messages out there on whether or not there is really anything good about drinking alcohol. Some will say that the only way to stay safe from the bad effects of alcohol is to not drink any at all. However, you can find studies out there that will tell you certain types of alcohol, in moderation, may be good for you.

One of these is having a glass of red wine with dinner. It’s heart healthy, according to some people. However, if you can’t stop at one glass then you are negating the good it could have done for your heart. Beer also has some positives, according to some research. Beer also has some healthy properties when used in hair care!

The Bad

The bad stems mainly back to the ugly portion of this article, but there are other bad things about alcohol that aren’t about it killing you or making you an addict. Alcohol can also be bad on your wallet and it can cause you to lose your license and maybe even spend some time in jail.

It’s important to know the drunk driving laws where you live if you have a tendency to drive yourself home from the bar. If you get in an accident you could kill someone and face manslaughter charges. You could lose your license or your own life. It’s best to just not drink and drive, call a cab or take an Uber.