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A List of Foods You should Eat to Protect Your Body from Cell Phone Radiation

Cell Phone Radiation Like most everyone today, we enjoy the benefits and conveniences having a cell phone brings. With a cell phone, you can stay in touch with family and friends and you have a way of contacting people in case of emergencies. But having a cell phone also has its risks, as cell phones emit radiation through electro-magnetic fields, or EMFs. And whilst protecting yourself from this radiation can be as simple as using speaker mode or turning off your cell phone whilst not in use, did you know that you can also reduce the effects of toxins in your body by eating the right foods? Yes, there are foods you can eat to protect your body from cell phone radiation, boost your immune system, and get rid of toxins. Let’s find out what these foods are.

The beauty of kale

Kale is a well-known super food, and for good reason. It’s loaded with vitamin C, which means that it’s got lots of anti-oxidants, which, in turn, protect your body’s cells. Another component of kale is caffeic acid, which works to protect your lymphocytes and body from radiation.

Turmeric and your health

Turmeric, that famous yellow-coloured spice, is loaded with a number of anti-oxidants as well. Curcumin is a major element of turmeric, and it is known to have properties that prevent cancer. Turmeric also helps repair your DNA so your body can function better.

Asparagus for ridding your body of toxins

Asparagus is yet another food you can eat which greatly increases the amount of the element glutathione in the body. Aside from glutathione, asparagus is packed with selenium as well, which is another anti-oxidant that repairs the body’s DNA and removes heavy metals.

Garlic: not just a flavour enhancer

We all know that a dish flavoured with garlic is bound to be a great dish. But garlic has other uses, too. Garlic is full of sulfur, which serves to enhance detoxification and properly converts proteins and vitamins. For better absorption of garlic’s benefits, cook it in olive oil. Bon appétit!

Artichokes, the heart of health

Artichokes not only taste good – they are filled with an element known as silymarin as well. Silymarin, for those who are not aware of it, is known for enhancing glutathione levels in the body, which also results in detoxification.

There are many other types of food you can consume to improve your health and protect yourself from radiation, such as whole grains, grass-fed beef, kelp, and cod liver oil. And if you want to enhance your protection from cell phone radiation even further, take advantage of specially-made cell phone radiation protection shields such as those from www.lifeenergysolutions.com.


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