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5 Ways to Gear Up For Your Morning Run

runnerAre you getting back into your running routine, but want to show up in style? Or maybe you are simply looking for a way to ease the transition from fitness newbie to pro road runner. The following are 5 ways to kit yourself out that will help you breeze through your morning runs and stay safe while you are at it.

  1. Plug in and listen up.

That podcast you have been meaning to listen to… That book you have wanted to read for forever… Listening to podcasts and audiobooks as you hit the road will not only make time pass quickly, but it will also help you conquer your to-read list. Music is also another great choice of listening material. Studies have shown that listening to music enhances your exercise stamina and performance. So strap on your mobile device, queue up your playlist, and get ready for the time to fly by. Once you get in the groove of listening to interesting material as you run, you may even find yourself looking forward to your runs even more.

  1. Cool down and stretch out.

After run care is a vital but often-neglected aspect of a runner’s routine. If you want to be in good shape for tomorrow’s run and for many days to come, you will want to establish a post-run routine for yourself. Massage is an essential element to incorporate because it helps your muscles recover. And protects you from muscle imbalance. You can now purchase a leg massage tool for runners that provides the same level of care as that of getting a massage from a therapist. So having a tool like this one on hand will help you handle post-run soreness with greater equanimity.

  1. Heart rate on hand.

A heart rate monitor will help you find your ideal running and training zone. Knowing what your maximum heart rate is, is the first step. The next is running at 60 to 70 percent of your MHR, which is your target heart-rate zone. Expert runners claim that nothing has accelerated their running more than monitoring their heart rate. Once you know what your target heart rate is, you will be able to push yourself to run harder, or run less, depending on your particular case. And all it takes is purchasing a relatively low-tech gadget.

  1. Put on a safety pouch.

But not just any pouch. Choose a pouch that is form fitting and doesn’t flap up as you run. Think of it more as a pouch-band. Include in your safety pouch a list of emergency numbers that can be called in case you are in a road-side accident, and you are knocked unconscious. Pedestrian and vehicular accidents do happen more often than one would imagine. So being prepared just in case is a good move. Place within the pouch phone numbers to family members who should be alerted in case of an emergency. Include your family doctor’s phone number, as well as any medications you are taking, or allergies you have. Other options to include are Band-Aids and a phone.

  1. Slather on the sunscreen.

According to SkinCancer.org, a person dies every 52 minutes from skin cancer. And the majority of these deaths are preventable. Avoid becoming part of this statistic by putting sunscreen on before you jog.

Doing this will not only help prevent skin cancer from developing, but it will also keep sun spots, wrinkles, and other skin blemishes at bay. The sun can prematurely age your skin, causing you to look years older than your real age. Don’t let this happen to you. But we’re pretty sure that avoiding skin cancer is reason enough to establish a sunscreen habit.

Exercise comes with countless benefits. The above items will help you enjoy your run just a little bit more and help you stay safe while you’re at it.