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3 Tips for Staying Healthy In The Winter Months

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While remaining healthy is likely always on the forefront of your mind, that topic is arguably more important as the cooler winter months come rolling in. Although you definitely can get sick in the summer, cold and flu season generally doesn’t start until the temperatures begin to drop, resulting in the winter months being notorious for producing weeks of illness. So to help you kick those colds and keep yourself fit and feeling fine, here are three tips for staying healthy in the winter months.

Keep Up Your Physical Activity Level

During the summertime, it’s easy to spend hours outside playing with the kids, swimming around the lake, and taking advantage of the longer daylight hours. But for many people, as the seasons start to change, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep up their level of physical activity. However, you’ve got to keep your body moving if you want to be as healthy as you can in the winter.

Amanda MacMillan, a contributor to Prevention.com, shares that the more moderate exercise a person is able to get, the less likely they are to catch a cold. Their bodies remain healthy and can better fight off infection. Therefore, to keep yourself healthy, keep yourself active.

Hold The Germs At Bay

Once cold and flu season gets here, it’s important to be even more vigilant about keeping things clean and sanitary than during other times of the year. While everyone knows that it’s important to wash their hands often to keep the germs at bay, there are also other ways you can minimize your exposure to germs that could make you sick. Dorothy Foltz-Gray, a contributor to Parents.com, recommends getting a new toothbrush when you’ve had a cold, using hand sanitizer when washing with soap and water isn’t possible, and irrigating your nose to flush germs away.

Soak Up The Vitamin D

During the summer, it’s very easy to get the vitamin D your body needs to stay healthy. But as the sun sinks lower in the sky, Reader’s Digest shares that it becomes increasingly more difficult to get the recommended amount just from the sun. So along with spending as much time outside as you can manage—whether that’s through fall hunting or skiing all winter—you can also try eating things like mushrooms, eggs, and most fish to up your intake of vitamin D.

Staying healthy during the winter months requires more than just getting a flu shot and hoping for the best. You actually can minimize your chances of getting sick by being vigilant about your daily habits. Use the tips mentioned above to help yourself stay healthier this coming winter.