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3 Things to Consider Before Starting A New Medication

medicWhen you’re about to start a new medication, it can make you a little nervous. Without knowing exactly if the medication will work for its intended purpose or if you’ll experience any side effects can make anyone feel slightly anxious. So to help you feel at ease about starting a new medication and be aware of potential problems you may possibly experience, here are three things you should consider before you even take the first dose of a newly prescribed or over-the-counter medication.

Be Aware Of Potential Interactions

Just because medications are generally made at pharmaceutical plants doesn’t mean their one-size-fits-all attitude for production and packaging will work with your body. The way a medication reacts to your specific body or problem can vary from person to person, especially if there are other things going on inside your body that can impact this substance. For this reason, Samantha Rideout, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, recommends keeping good track of anything you’re taking, be it prescription or over-the-counter, and talk to your doctor or pharmacist about possible interactions between the medications. This is especially important if you have chronic illnesses that you take medication for, like diabetes or allergies.

Mail-Order or Walk-In Pharmacy?

If the prescription you’re about to try is something you’ll potentially be using for a while, you may want to consider getting your prescription filled through a mail-order service rather than having to go to the pharmacy each time you need a refill. According to Elizabeth Davis, a contributor to GoodRX.com, some medications can even be less expensive when purchased through a mail-order service. And, in some instances, you can get the refill for a longer period of time, like 90-days, rather than having a standard 30-day prescription that you get automatically at most pharmacies.

Follow Medication Best Practices

Many medications can be dangerous if not taken correctly, even medicines you can buy over-the-counter. For this reason, it’s important to know and follow medication best practices. The FDA shares that when taking any medication, you should know the exact name of that medication, what it’s used for, and how you specifically should be using it. You should also always follow the warnings and directions found on the label and inform your doctor if you’re taking any other medications in addition to this new one, be it by prescription or over-the-counter. By taking these steps, you’ll have a much better chance of having a positive experience when taking your meds rather than putting your health or life at risk.

If you’re about to begin taking a new form of medication, be sure to follow the tips mentioned above to ensure you can best address your health problems while keeping yourself safe.