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Why You Should Keep Your Finances Separate From Your Spouse


Getting married can be a wonderful thing for a variety of reasons.  You come together as two separate people now bound together as one.  You live together, eat together, sleep together, and spend your evenings together.  But where do you draw the line for where you keep your own independence?

Many couples choose to keep their incomes separate from each other because of the simplicity it provides.  People can be completely compatible spiritually, physically, and mentally, but when it comes to how they spend their money, the shoe just doesn’t fit.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider keeping your finances to yourself and avoiding merging them into joint accounts.

You Are Responsible For The Other Person’s Spending Habits

If your spouse likes to spend their money on something that you find frivolous it can be extremely irritating to see “your” money being spent this way.  It can also go both ways.  Perhaps there is something that you like to spend your money on that your spouse finds quite unnecessary and often complains that you are “wasting money.”  If your spouse has irresponsible spending habits, that means you are also responsible for paying their debts. If you separate your finances, however, this gives you each the permission to spend your own personal money freely.

By having this kind of individual freedom you minimize the risk of feeling overwhelmed in a relationship as if you’ve given your last bit of individuality.  By allowing each other to have your own little pleasures that the other one might not necessarily agree with, but embraces out of love, you can make your relationship that much stronger.

It Can Spark Arguments

If one of you sees something on your statement that you disapprove of it could be grounds for an argument.  Why not avoid conflict altogether and get rid of one of the most argued about things in a relationship: money.

If you feel you must have a joint account because of shared payments to pay for life, consider making one joint account for bills and household expenses and keep your own personal money separate.  Most couples who handle their finances in this way will tell you that they hardly argue about money.  You may just find that it works for you too!

Lack of Privacy

To make a relationship last for the long haul you have to come together as one entity together, but also maintain a certain amount of your own individuality.  It’s not healthy to lose all of yourself in a relationship with no room to be yourself.

This can cause conflict and one person if not both feeling trapped.  Have a certain amount of privacy and the freedom to enjoy your life as you can increase your satisfaction in a relationship.