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Why You Should Check Someone’s Background and How to Do it Online

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There are a lot of reasons as to why you may want to complete a background check on someone. Some of those reasons include:

  1. To find out someone is who they say they are.
  2. To find out if your spouse is faithful.
  3. To find out whether someone is being truthful about their education and employment history.
  4. To find out whether someone has a criminal past that would render them unsuitable for certain positions.
  5. Before a blind date.

Whatever your reason for wanting to complete a background check, there are many different ways to go about it. For instance, you can go online, you can hire a private investigator, you can visit the difference record-holding organizations, and so on. Going online, whether you perform the research yourself or hire a third party to do it for you, is generally the easiest option.

Google Background Checks

The simplest form of background check is to simply type someone’s name in Google and seeing what comes up. It is, in fact, recommended that you do this on yourself every once in a while. This is known as “egosurfing” and while that word may have some negative connotations, the reality is also that it will ensure you see what others see when they look you up in the same way – and they will. If information comes up that you do not want others to see, you will have an opportunity to remove it.

Background Check Websites

There are now also various online companies that complete background checks for you. Usually, they will check for:

  1. Marriage records.
  2. Court records.
  3. Criminal records.
  4. Arrest records.
  5. Address and telephone records.
  6. Financial records.

The cost of these services is usually between $15 and $50 per search. The higher the price, the more reports will be included. Some companies also offer subscription services, which means you can run as many searches as you want. The cost of this is usually the same as a single report, sometimes even less if you take advantage of trial offers. Hence, do consider whether the subscription may be a better option for you.

There are numerous situations in which you may want to complete a background check. There are also a lot of situations in which performing such a check is a necessity. For instance, if you are an employer and want to hire someone who will work with children, then you have to complete a check of the sex offender registry, as being registered here would make someone unsuitable for such a position. That is only one of the few cases in which the results of a background check can be used to make employment decisions.

For many people, completing a background check is also an opportunity to satisfy their curiosity. It is quick and easy to enter someone’s name on a search engine to see what will come up, after all.