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Why Day Trading Is Becoming More Popular


Internet search trends can tell us a lot about what people are interested in and where there is a shift towards a certain activity. Data from a study conducted by Spread Co shows that there has been a massive increase in search interest in the past year on terms related to different types of financial trading, with the term ‘CRD trading’ up 80% on the previous year, and searches like ‘spread betting strategies’ up 50%. People also appear to be searching more for the stock prices of well known FTSE 100 companies, with, for example, a 42% rise in searches on the stock price of Barclays.

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What this tells us is that more and more people are considering getting involved in different types of financial trading. Day trading is becoming especially popular as a way to use the markets to try and make some short term profits on capital. But why is this?


Thanks to the internet, and online trading platforms like ETX Capital, there are now more trading options available to private individuals than ever, including CFDs, forex, stocks, commodities and futures. With apps, online tools, and access to news from all over the world, people are able to trade in ways that weren’t possible for non-professionals until recently.

More Exposure to Economics

Of course, the tools and fast internet speeds that enable people to trade easily were also available last year, so why has there been such a strong upward trend in online interest in trading in the last 12 months? Considering the events around the world since this time last year, it is clear that the average person has probably had more exposure to, and interest in, macroeconomics and economics than in the period before things like Brexit and Trump became important global talking points. The news all around us, along with our social media feeds, contains a lot of coverage of political and financial consequences of events, and even those who previously may not have given much thought to exchange rates or the Dow Jones are now generally aware of how these things are moving in response to big news events, such as the triggering of Article 50 or the announcement of the UK general election.

As people feel more affected by financial news, it seems they become more interested in whether they can use that information to improve their situations, and this could be the key reason why more and more are looking into how to profit from day trading.