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Technology, New Investors, and More Informed Decision-Making


Technology Models

Technology today has made modern devices a multi-functional environment. Devices like iPhones, smartphones, tablets, and computers faster, more mobile, and satellite-powered like never before. Technology revolutions have made our daily lives more efficient, better, easier, and more entertaining.

AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (the internet of things) have provided more ways to analyze and make predictions. Computer processing capabilities are increasing at a rapid pace. It also helps businesses and individuals make important decisions about financial and analytical operations. For example, cheaper stocks can be identified as low PE ratio stocks for the best possible deal.

AI and IoT systems help mankind to make more accurate decisions when a problem exists in business operations. By simply taking raw data, computers can instantly give back a more predictive answer and how to map out a plan for its use.

Apps, Video, Audio Advancements

We have amazing apps for instant messaging and the use of social media platforms. Individuals of all ages can reach out and touch each other, no matter where you live. Voice assistant devices are another form of modern technology that helps to make our lives better.

These devices allow us to purchase products and food on demand. We can now, more than ever before, work remotely more effectively. Technology makes banking easier. Our aged community is safer with video and audio advancements. Technology has changed how we make our lives more secure in our homes.

Medicine/Educational Technology

Telemedicine technology allows us to get immediate medical assistance and consultations. Wearing an app-inspired watch notifies us when we need to rest, how many steps we have taken, and what time our next appointment takes place.

We once had to find a dictionary or a set of encyclopedias to research words and subject matters. Today, technology allows us to search on the internet via voice command or search feature on a browser.

Financial Technology

Technology is improving the quality of our lives. It is also revolutionizing our financial life, i.e., the stock market and other types of financial markets. How has technology changed or evolved the current financial market?

To start with, technology has made it easier than ever before to trade on the stock market. We can make trades quicker, transactions can be made more swiftly, all with exacting financial information that is at our fingertips.

Future of Financial Technology

In the news headlines in August we saw on our tv sets the heads of media and digital platforms appearing before Congress. Jeff Bezos, Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg, and Tim Cook answered Congressional questions about monopolistic practices.

Their stock market companies were also on the hot seat (Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc.). These entities account for more than 20% of the value of the U.S stock market. Investors listened intently because this scenario represents how the market’s earnings will respond.

Technology is further helping individuals who are entering the stock market for the first time. How? Through a variety of easy to use apps that make stock market trading a step by step process. Traders can use technology to operate with less overhead because fee rates are lessened.

Trading Apps, Software, and Websites

Lower fees can make a start-up trader utilize the market with more frequency and with a more diverse portfolio. Mobile trading apps on smartphones allow new market investors to trade in a 24-hour timeframe from anywhere.

In addition to apps, there are varied software and stock market websites that provide free instructions on how to use the stock market for higher gains. They allow you to choose from specific fictitious stocks. You are taught how to track your investments and to see your returns, all before you risk investing in the real market.

If you have watched movies or tv programs about the way the market operated years ago, you would see trading representatives shouting at each other about trades. Now, technology allows them to use the internet with rapid speed.

Faster internet transactions allow more trades to take place. When you can trade more quickly, transaction changes occur faster, and new investors can react with quicker trading knowledge. New stock market investors can perform analysis quicker with more educated data due to the information provided by the internet.

There are several companies that provide real-time data on the stock market. This information allows new investors to quickly see the potential trends in your investments. This allows you to soon capitalize on your trades in this ever-changing market.

Technology Endnote

Technology in the form of artificial intelligence helps mankind to use better more accurate data through more defined algorithms. As such, we can use this system to learn and act more quickly. Whether through our homes, technology on our bodies, or mobile technology from the stock market, it gives us predictable information that allows us to act more quickly and with efficiency.