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Invest Your Money in These Industries Today


If you are looking to make investments in the stock market you need to be aware of market trends and which companies are flying high at that moment. Some industries like oil, insurance, pharmaceuticals and technology are perennial investment favorites because they always produce great returns and bounce back quickly after bad news. But within each of these industries there are certain sub-industries that are hotter than others.

In the end however you have to pick stocks that you think will make you a good profit. And as many know this requires a lot of money and risk taking. One way to spend less and mitigate risk is by purchasing stock options, which are contracts to control stock. They cost a fraction of the stock price but allow you same degree of leverage as stock.

They can also be used as a hedge against stocks allowing you to have insurance in case your stock goes in the wrong direction. Options are a bit complicated and many choose binary options which are much simpler to work with. Learn all about them at and discover how you can make big profits with them in your portfolio.

As we have entered the fourth quarter of 2017, it is time to see what sub-industries are hot and where you should place your money.

Tecnology – A.I. and The Internet of Things

Technology has been one of the hottest growth sectors for stocks this century and this continues today. Two areas of major growth this year are companies that focus on artificial intelligence and others that deal in the Internet of Things. Each of these industries figure to be the next big things so companies focusing on these areas of tech are really hot right now. Investors should look for the market leaders in each of these industries as you search for investment targets.


The pharmaceuticals industry which also includes biotechnology companies has had some wild swings over the past few years but overall the market for their stock has been robust and rising. Having weathered the storms regarding price gouging on products including the EpiPen and facing an uncertain healthcare situation with the new government, there will be some turbulence, but we can rest assured that this industry will continue to see its stocks uptick as America’s population continues to age.


In 2106, the energy sector had a rare down year as it saw the price of oil take a nearly 50% dip. Since that time however prices have stabilized and with a consensus by the OPEC oil producers to limit the amount of oil being pumped, prices are rising a bit. Because the energy companies responded to the price fall by cutting non-producing oil wells, there are now leaner and meaner and able to make good profits off the lower price of oil. As a result their stocks are back to their typical growth trends.

Do your research and look for those companies that either have a proven track record or who always appear in the news as the ones to look out for going forward. If you pick the right ones to invest in, you stand to make a great return on your investment.