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Finding The Right Insurance Agent

You need a knowledgeable insurance agent by your side to navigate all the ins and outs of the insurance buying processes.

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Unfortunately, even with the internet giving you access to tens of reputable insurance companies you could obtain a quote from, there is nothing worse than having to spend hours looking at the mind-numbing web-forms and confusing cost estimates. So, instead of wasting too much time looking for an insurer online, you might want to find a professional insurance agent to help you.

Who is the right insurance agent for you? Like insurance companies, insurance agents are not created equally with most of the agents you find selling you products and forgetting all about you. Your agent, according to the top-rated insurance broker GTA, should be at a position to provide personalized attention during the buying process while checking on you regularly after you obtain your policy.

Find the agent to meet your needs

Is he/she the right agent? Before you ask that agent for something, you should first understand what they do. What does that mean? Well, generally, some agents sell casualty insurance (homeowners and auto policies), the ones who sell property, and you will also come across the ones who focus on health and life products.

If you’re buying a specialized insurance product, your agent must have extensive experience in the products. For example, if you’re looking for an agent dealing in insurance policies for long-term care, you have to look for specialty agents capable of offering the best guidance on the available products to meet your needs.

You also have to choose between independent and captive agents. Often, independent agents are the best for you because they know about all the different products on the market, and they will easily guide you in the right direction.

Understanding the purchase process

Having selected your agent, he or she must collect information needed for the quote, such as your demographic details and your health history. Next up, he/she should prepare you for the policy buying process by explaining all the processes involved from the beginning. For example, some health insurance providers require that you have a medical exam before you’re granted the policy. By explaining this early, you don’t have to withdraw your application when you’re in too deep.

The purchase process might also involve divulging the details of any other insurance policies you hold, including your employment benefits.

Once you have the quotes, your agent should help you review the price, benefits, and drawbacks – you want to know of any exclusions present, the deductibles, or any copay requirement you need to meet.

Make sure your agent offers annual check-ins

Your agent will do the bulk of the required work during the buying process, but this doesn’t give them the right to disappear on you. An annual correspondence will help you confirm your coverage details and the accuracy of the data. Also, your needs could change in the year.

Some agents will go above and beyond the expectations For example, some of the best insurance agents around will go above and beyond your expectations by helping you find an accountant, a trusted attorney, or even a financial planner. Other agents will host seminars or parties for their best clients. Whatever it is, find an insurance agent willing to go above and beyond the expected. It will be worth your while.