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Tips For Keeping Your House Clean With Dogs


Dogs are lovable and wonderful creatures who make us feel like the most important people in the world.  There is nothing quite like coming home after a long day of work to be greeted by your cute dog who sees you as the apple of his or her eye and center of their universe.  With this unconditional love, however, also comes a lot of dirt, slobber, and hair.  Unless you are a complete slob, chances are you probably don’t want your house covered in all of these things.

Having a dog doesn’t have to mean having a house full of an unpleasant mess.  Here are some of the best tips for keeping your house clean with your beloved canines. 

Vacuum Daily

Dogs shed every second of every day.  While it’s not possible to follow them around with a vacuum all day, it is helpful to make sure that you go in at least once a day to avoid build up.  You should pair this with brushing them daily to avoid massive piles of hair on every surface.

Even shorter hair dogs can shed also, so make sure that you stay on top of it. Use a vacuum which is created for pets and you will find it is much more effective.  

Make Housebreaking Them a Priority

Dog pee and poop all over the house is no fun.  It smells bad, ruins your floors, and it can be a total downer on your day if you step in it.  Make sure that you take all of the proper precautions and steps towards getting them housebroken.

Taking them outside frequently and offering praise when they go the bathroom in the proper place is essential.  As well as using a crate at night to help encourage the process to go even faster.  If your problem still persists after months of effort you may want to consult with a specialist.

Don’t Let Them On The Furniture

Many people love the idea of snuggling with their cute puppy on the couch or in their bed.  However, with this cute ritual also comes extra fur, dirt, and whatever else your fuzzy friends are carrying on them.

They also have long claws which can damage your furniture surfaces and create holes.  Try never starting this as a habit in the first place and instead designating them a special place in the room which is all theirs.  Putting a nice pillow alongside your couch will be just as satisfying for them if they don’t know any other way.

Bathe Them Regularly

It is important to bathe your dog at least twice a month not exceeding more than once a week.  By bathing them you will get rid of unpleasant smells.  You should also alternate this with a regular flea treatment to avoid your house being full of unwanted bugs.