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The Different Pre-School Playhouse Funland Programs


Parents are starting to understand the tremendous benefits of sending their children to summer camps. However, with so many different camps being available, they often worry about how to choose between them. They want to make sure that their children actually enjoy themselves, which is achieved by taking part in a range of different activities. One highly recommended camp is Pre-School Playhouse Funland, who offer a range of programs, as can be seen on their website,

Why Preschool Fun Land Is So Good

Pre-School Playhouse Funland wants to make sure children learn to be independent, doing age appropriate things on their own. The supportive and fun environment of a summer camp is the perfect setting for that. It encourages children to build true friendship, some of which will last a lifetime, while also focusing on the importance of team work, and on why rules matter and should be followed.

What makes Pre-School Playhouse Funland so unique, however, is that they focus specifically on the younger children, aged between two and nine. These are known as “junior” summer camps. The center is specifically geared towards early childhood learning and is found in the beautiful environment of Rockland County, NY. They have programs for toddlers and for kindergarten all year long. In the summer, they have full summer camps. Throughout all the activities, the focus is strongly on having fun in a safe and supportive environment.

Activities at Pre-School Playhouse Funland

Pre-School Playhouse Funland offers a wealth of activities suitable for children of various ages. Some of those activities include:

  • Swimming in a pool that has been designed specifically for children’s activities.
  • Daily themed events.
  • Arts and crafts.
  • Trips and shows.
  • A fantastic program for rainy days.
  • Carnival, field days, and Olympics.

Each of the activities, with the exception of any outdoor activities, take place inside a comfortable, air conditioned building, to ensure the children are comfortable at all times. Additionally, experienced teachers head all of the different groups and activities to make sure the children are engaged and, most of all, safe.

Pre-School Playhouse Funland also offers a very flexible schedule, so that it is suitable for all types of families. Children can enroll for between two and five days per week, and they can take part in between four and 10 weeks of camp. These weeks do not have to follow a consecutive order for the convenience of the parents. They also offer extended day programs, as well as half and full day options.

Anyone who lives with easy reach of Rockland County and has children aged between two and nine are invited to come and visit the camp. This will give them the opportunity to see what the camp is all about. Additionally, it will give children the opportunity to come take a look, and they are guaranteed to love it straight away. In fact, they can even take part in some of the activities so that they get to know the workers and see what they will do once there.