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How To Talk To Your Kids About Drugs


When it comes to talking to your kids about drugs, it can be big subject to tackle.  When you aren’t sure where to begin it can start to feel like a bigger and bigger task the more that you prepare yourself for it.  However, being a parent means having to have tough conversations like these even if we don’t want to.  It’s important to know how to go about it the best way possible in order for your kids to be best prepared for knowing how to handle the future ahead of them.

Rather than avoiding the conversation altogether which many parents make the mistake of doing, try to apply the following tips and confront the conversation head on.

Be Honest

It’s important to be completely honest about what it is that you are trying to convey to your kids about the dangers of drugs.  If you keep details overly general then your words won’t have as much of an effect.  The more that you explain to them exactly what they can expect from using drugs then the more of a realistic picture you will paint for them.

Going into details such as the dangers of getting addicted, or being accused of drug crimes are incredibly vivid and realistic dangers which will help them to better understand the importance of trying to steer clear of this world of danger.

Avoid Being Overly Suspicious

When confronting your children about your concerns and warnings regarding their involvement with drugs it’s important to avoid coming at them in an overly aggressive or suspicious way.  If you automatically assume that they are getting into trouble or are deceiving you then you are going to create an unnecessary barrier of distrust which is based on no real proof.

It’s important to be someone that doesn’t assume the worst in them so that they can see you as someone that they trust and see as an ally.

Teach Them How To Say No

One of the most important tools that you can give your children when it comes to drugs is teaching them how to say no when they are faced with peer pressure.  Since peer pressure is one of the biggest culprits of getting involved in drugs it’s important to teach them that they aren’t left without choices when faced with pressure.

Try to teach them how to successfully say no without feeling like they have something to be ashamed about.

Set a Good Example

If you are trying to steer your kids away from the dangers of drugs and alcohol, it’s important to lead as an example. By showing them that you live your life the way that you are trying to teach them to live theirs you will be setting the best example possible.