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How to Balance Work and Family for Greater Success


We all want the perfectly balanced life where success at work and success at home go hand-in-hand. Sometimes it feels like the two are mutually exclusive, but with a little adjustment in how we think and react to situations we can have our cake and eat it too.

The Balancing Act

The work-life balance has been talked about for generations, and it always seems like the phrase “It’s lonely at the top.” has a lot of truth to it. But without balance success seems empty, and feels like it came at such a price that it isn’t worth it. And if you have a great home life at the expense of business success, you’ll secretly resent your family and put unnecessary blame on them.

The secret formula for success in business is different for each of us, and finding the right mix for yourself is key. Only you know what the proper balance is, and how it feels when things are out of whack.

The Virtual Tug of War

Why does it seem like you are in the middle of a tug-of-war, with your work life pulling on one arm, and your family life pulling on the other? It’s because both are always demanding more and more of our time, creating stress because we want to do it all, and we want to make everyone happy.

A common but flawed solution is to take on the mentality that you’ll just do what makes you happy, putting everyone else second. While this may provide short-term benefits, in the long run it will catch up with you in one way or another. The only sustainable solution is to feel good about how much you are putting into each area of your life.

A Magnificent Obsession

Perhaps you’ve heard that you should have a “magnificent obsession” when it comes to business. It’s true that you should be borderline obsessed with your work to the point of closing yourself off to outside distractions, but your family should not be lumped together with everything else.

You may need to set some boundaries if things are getting out of hand, and family obligations are causing you to take your focus off of creating the life you want for you and your family. But they should never be thought of as a distraction because when you really get down to it they are the reason you want to be successful in the first place.

Enjoy All Your Time

If you find that you’re not enjoying your family time because you’re thinking about business, and not being as effective as you could be at business because you think you’re letting your family down, nobody is winning.

Instead, you need to enjoy all of your time, relishing the precious time you have with your loved ones, and enjoying how it feels to be in the moment and laser-focused in your career.

Priority Management

At the end of the day it’s not about time management, but priority management, and both your work and your family belong at the top of the list. You’ll be surprised how much of the small stuff you no longer sweat once you are putting in quality time with your family while at the same time crushing it in the business world. You’ll feel like a million bucks long before you have it in your account.